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New wedge design discussion

Let It Ride

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This thread is for you guys to give me feedback on this new wedge and if I should get it into our line up. Thanks in advance for your feedback. 

The following is a repost from the Vendor Showcase thread on this.

Been playing with this idea for a new billet wedge and was hoping for some feedback from you all here. And yes, the keyhole is right in the void, blended directly into the design for total stealth. No more lefts and rights, as now both sides can be identical. Will fit all models from '03 to current including Visions. Judge and Boardwalk excluded... for now.

And being all one piece like our Skullz wedges instead of two like our engraved wedges, the prices should fall in the range of the $400 give or take for a pair in chrome, less in black with contrast cutting.

Do please give your thoughts if I should go ahead with these as they're ready to go if enough of you Vicsters like them.


overlaid on engine   



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Muy Bueno as they say in Tiajuana.


The standard cheese wedges look lame compared to your 3D style here.


So you think a key would fit in the right spot there in the V, eh. That would be slick. Even slicker if the key had some kind of piece epoxy'd on that made it look invisible when turned to the off position.



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Minimizing he size is limited to the bracket. These will sit around the bracket as you're wanting, just as all my wedges do unlike most others. They'll be an inch or so thick and Will hide the ugly brackets nicely. How deep they sit is limited by the ignition switch on the left and on '08s and newer the sensor plug on the right side.

Bottom line is It is already pretty much minimized in size as I thought the same when sitting down to design them.





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