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Name tags - some people like them, some people don't.  

We are thinking of making up very nice name tags on lanyards for next year's meet in Lewiston.  These would be personalized with each attendee's real name and VMC screen name and possibly VMC #.  However, we don't want to go to the time and expense of making these up if people will not wear them.

Therefore, please let us know what you think in this poll.


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I'm getting a lot more responses to this poll on our FB page than I am here, but the ratio of "for" vs "against" is almost identical.  So we'll likely go ahead with them and leave it up to each individual whether or not they want to wear theirs.  

Thanks for your input :-) 

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Stoggy and DirtyBubble both have great ideas! I wouldn't worry about the VMC number.


Also, keep in mind, you are not going to please all of the people all of the time. You are the host. If you want the requirement to be that everyone wears a name tag, and because of that, some people don't attend, then so be it.


The hotel is either full or almost all the way full now. THAT is impressive. I think there are people who want to come that won't be able to come due to the hotel being full. So if someone doesn't come because of a name tag requirement, then someone else will fill their spot.



Just my $0.02.



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I'll just wear a shirt with a FISHY on it LOL. I don't mind wearing a name tag. Hell most everyone knows me anyhow but I'm horrid at names so it helps me out a bunch!


Another idea would be to have some one who can embroidery names & sew patches on! I don't wear my vest often but I'll bring it for sure.



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