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Australia 2014


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For all those whose might like to come to Australia for a shin dig, we have begun building amenities! The dirt drag track is nearing completion, and the wife's pool should be big enough for about 200 people. Plenty of room for camping and the pool comes with a sunken pool bar for your choice of cocktail/ mock tails!


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ROFL -- I did the same thing Bob, went to check air fare!!  If it costs a couple grand to fly my fat ass over, what'll it cost to ship the bike?  'Probably better to hope the Dealer rents 'em!  'Just found my old expired passport too.  'Time to renew that!   :)

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Its pretty expensive to fly bikes out and back but also remember we ride on other side of road so bike may be a moot point. Can get deadly if you muck it up at first intersection. Our cars are right hand drive.


You could always get a group buy flight and hire a bus/coach and travel round as a group? Two week stay... with Gold Coast (Surfers Paradise) 50 mile away. Australia Zoo to see our funny animals about the same distance from Jason's. Lone Pine Koala sanctuary in our city... you can actually hold one!




I'm in! I'll drive my hiace up and camp in it! I'll man a barbcue no worries!





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Heads up. The Melbourne Vic dealer told me last November that US bikes aren't street legal in Australia due to their requirement for non- rubber fuel hoses and handlebar width. Might want to verify this before shipping a bike Down Under.




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