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So who won all the goodies at the meet?

Let It Ride

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I know I don't just speak for myself when I say we vendors love to support these great events by providing auction and raffle items for good causes.... both yours in winning great items for your Victory, and especially the raising of donations for the charities the funds ultimately benefit. 

I wasn't going because couldn't break away long enough to come by trailer and set up as a vendor, and then I made a last minute decision to make a shorter trip of it and iron butt up just to finally meet many of you members I have yet to and share a brew or two. But of course then I got thrown off plan by Isaac knocking out the power at home for 3 days and couldn't/wouldn't leave with my wife alone with the kids and deal with the generator and stuff. Foiled again!

So since I missed all the festivities, and to show your support of we vendors' support, how about let's see hear about and some pictures of what you all won! Installed even better!

BTW... for those who attended the meet and missed out on our Labor Day Sale I've extended the 15% off coupon (LD15) for you until Midnight Wednesday.

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Didn't win anything...but ended up with Cams, VMC3, Intake, and tune on the X bike...and then a windshield...and then some chrome goodies. So I guess I did win something...big grins on the ride home and Ramen noodles for dinner for the next couple months!



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I won two of the items that I bid on. The black 106 key side cheese wedge (which is installed and looks great) and a chrome slot style derby cover (have to wait until my oil needs to be changed) for my 2011 Cross Country. Had a wonderful time meeting the vendors and made several friends as well.


Marcia Bright

Flint Hills Victory Riders

Wichita, KS



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Marcia, sent you a PM


Hey Will, bummer we didn't get to meet you in Hot Springs.

I saw several items you donated but no idea who won. Thanks for your support for sure. Generous folks like yourself allowed this to happen.

I know the auction raised some good $$$ for the childrens' charity.




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