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2012 National Final thoughts


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Get a cup of coffee or a cool drink this will take awhile……………..


Once again this weekend confirmed what I discovered 4 years ago. We have some great people in the VMC! Although the weather put a damper (pun intended) on a few things overall it was a great event and I believe everyone had a great time. It is always special to see old friends and make new ones.


When I left KC on Thursday morning we had 155 registered. There were a couple of cancellations while I was on the road as well as about 30 people who never picked up their welcome bags. I assume they decided at the last minute to not make the trip due to weather or?? With a few walk-ins we ended up with about 130 total at the meet. Not the biggest attendance to date but a great turn-out nonetheless.


I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who attended for making this another great VMC event. I thought we were very fortunate to have Mark Blackwell from Victory Corporate to speak at Saturday night’s banquet. His passion for the brand is very evident. Thank you Mark for taking time from your family to speak at our event. I also want to thank everyone involved from the inception of the idea to the closing event yesterday. Rick, Bruce and Terry Thanks for your contributions to make this a successful event. Pastor1760 (Doug Gulley) for all your help. Doug was the local guy on the committee and handled everything with the hotel as well as the convention center amongst a bunch of other details Lt. Dan (Dan Walling) for helping me with registrations even though you had to ask me 3 times…lesson learned! Robruttus (Rob McCord) for helping me with the auction. Pushstart and lgjohnson ( Viv and Lowell Hardin…inside joke here) for making the bike show happen. In addition all sorts of folks who ask if they could help throughout the weekend. Last but by no means least, my wonderful wife Diane (drknkc) she was never an “official” committee member but without her help there and at home I would have been in trouble. As well as keeping track of all the registrations thru PayPal she designed and drew the logo for meet. Thank you honey!!


I also want to take a minute to speak about the vendors who attended the event. Scott from Conquest Customs, Jon and his wife from Witchdoctor, Rylan from the Vic Shop, and Kyle and Alex from KMC Motorsports. Thank you for being there. You guys are not just “vendors” there to peddle your wares or services. My experience this weekend showed me each of you is extremely passionate about the Victory brand and what you contribute to that brand and its owners. All you guys are awesome.


I also want to thank and will name in another post all the vendors and members who contributed to the Auction.

The final numbers are not in yet as I have a few items that were not bid on at the auction that I will try and sell here on the forums but we will have raised somewhere in the vicinity of $2000 for The Ouachita Children’s Fund and the Victory Junction Kids Camps. Total monies raised will be split 50/50 between the 2 organizations.


Thanks to the Events committee and Board to allow us to do this.


There is no doubt in my mind that the group that has assembled to put together the 2013 Meet will do a great job. I congratulate you and offer any insight I might be able to provide. Thanks to Greg Cowan for making the trip to do the presentation at the banquet. Cool stuff! From what little I know about the area it is breathtaking and I hope Diane and I can be there not only for the riding but more importantly to spend some more time with some great people.

After attending events like this I always feel that I am extremely blessed and fortunate to have these opportunities as part of my world.

I’m sure it’s time to refill the coffee cup or refresh the cool beverage so I will wrap it up for now. Once again Thanks to everyone that attended and who helped make this a great success.


Tom Keller and the 2012 National commitee


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Sounds like you had a great event Tom.


Very nice to hear that Mr Blackwell made the event. After talking to some folks at the AVR and learning this it seems that Corporate is really ready to jump on board with us and help us help them to promote Victory.


Sorry I couldn't make this one.


Congrats on a successful meet.



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I was only able to show up on Saturday, and unfortunately I didn't get a chance to meet but a few of you. Those that I did meet were very nice and helpful. I am sorry I missed the majority of the meet, but I know I will be making more of these...


I would like to have met Tom and some of the others I see on here frequently, but like I said...I know I'll get to next time.


Thanks to everyone that came and I'll apologize for MOTHER NATURE to give you such a RUDE welcoming from Arkansas (damn you Isaac!).





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Tom, I think you summed up the whole reason the VMC supports the National Meet the way we do....the people. Plain and simple. Thanks for all your and everyone elses work. Without the tireless efforts of all the volunteers and vendors who support these events we would not have the opportunity to make the new friends and reconnct with old ones from across this great country. As a past National Meet host I can tell you kick back, pat yourself on the back and try to figure out what the hell you are going to do now that it's all over. Mixed emotions for sure. 8)

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Tom, Thank you for all your efforts in putting the event together. Although the weather didn't completely cooperate it was still an awesome time. We got to put screen names to actual people and spent a lot of time talking to folks about what new products they would like to see for 2013. The "roundtable" at dinner was also much appreciated by myself and the other vendors to tell folks who and what we do.

Thanks again to everyone who had a hand in organizing the 2012 Meet. :appl



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