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Anybody know who this is?


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here's some hints,


It's a dodge ram pickup


The owner lives in Michigan


He's loved and adored and many :ltr


I can't be 100% sure it's the same person but I did see someone with that setup at the National Rally.


Actually sat at the dinner table with him both nights. I did not ride with him though. They tend to drink a little more and sleep in while I'm an early riser




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Hey FishWitch...don't doubt that fiance. She is one tough little rider. On 2 occasions she rode from Michigan to Helen Ga for the SE meet on a 600cc crotch rocket. Not something I would want to do. Little crazy?? Yes.


My guess is Golfer didn't want to get his ass wet riding thru TS Isaac....He's getting soft in his advancing years.




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That explains the Rotella .... from the bike to the truck for 3000m then dump! Recycling at its best!! Wink


I'd carry my bike in a truck anytime... especially if it meant a family type bike show!


We have RVs type things here in Australia you tow behind vehicle... one brand has motorcycle storage in the rear and when you get there you remove bike, wall moves out to where bike was... and sleep in normal bed inside.


How good would one of those be at a rally!!!





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