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Something missing at 2012 NATIONAL MEET


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First I have to applaud the members who pulled this event together, great job. They even had to deal with hurricane remnents and pulled off a fun event.


Now my issue.... The Victory Motorcycle Club has a board yet holds no regular board meetings. The club has officers and somehow they didn't feel interested, concerned or respectful of the membership to show up for the LARGEST national event of the Club.  This event was planned over a year in advance but,the officers opted to have other things to do and not show up. As a member, I am embarrassed for the snub the National Meet Committee received.  I really wonder if the officers have any interest in supporting the VMC and the Members.

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I'm a sitting board member, I was there but I can't say how many others attended.


The United States is a pretty big area, the weather may have also scared a few away at the last moment.


I'm sure a lot of the board members would have liked to have attended, the reality is life often gets in the way. Even though I was on vacation, I still ended up with a surprise customer visit last minute.


While I agree it would be nice to have had a large board turnout, you also need to realize that these are volunteer positions. Just because someone is a board member it doesnt mean they have the vacation time and/or financial means to attend the rally. We don't even get free membership during our terms. Not that $8 a year is a big deal it it would be a nice gesture.


I don't remember seeing a table set aside for board members to sit at anyhow. I don't honestly know if any other ones were there.


But like many people I'm sure they would've liked to have attended if they could have.






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