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Thank you


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To Tom Keller, his wife, pastor1720 & the great plains victory riders for all their effort to put on this event. We felt very welcomed here & had a marvelous time. Was great to meet so many new people & see old friends. Hope we see ya''ll in Idaho

Big thanks to the venders who came out Scott, Rylan, John &Kyle. Also thanks to Greesons for all their effort. This is a pretty cool club! Thanks again Tom & Evelyn Coker :y:

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I agree as well. I was especially impressed with Greeson's putting out the red carpet for us.


Had a good time, got rained on a bit and was lucky enough to get a flat tire near Queen Wilhelmina but thankfully a local independent shop was only 6 miles away and had a D250 in stock.


Left this morning and now 30 minutes west of Atlanta.


You can tell a lot of planning went into this event and hopefully they realize how much we appreciate it.




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Crap, sorry.  I meant to say thanks are definitely in order.  477 miles of drizzle, downpours, a serious pants-shitting moment of two deer crossing in front of me at highway speed, not to mention one whopper of a T-boomer & downpour with lightning going through Cleveland.  I'm pooped.  Thank goodness it's only another 583 miles home.    :)  

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Appreciate all the time and effort it took to pull this event together.


Greeson's was a pleasure to visit. Thanks for your support of this event!


Vendors: Thank you for all your hard work! Your efforts produced a lot of smiles!


Marcia Bright

Flint Hills Victory Riders

Wichita, KS



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