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The Official 2013 Thread

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We are proud to announce that the VMC

12th Annual



Will be held in Lewiston, Idaho
August 1-4, 2013




Hosted by the NW Region

Come join in the fun.  Renew old bonds and make new friends. 

Meet the people you’ve been chatting with online. 

Enjoy fantastic riding, breathtaking scenery, great food and truly wonderful people. 

Visit: www.thevmc.com/nationalmeet/
for details and
online registration




You can also find us on Facebook at:

Please feel free to post your plans and comments in this thread. 




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I won't know if I'm coming until it gets closer to the date. But if I do make it, does anyone want to try to meet at Spirit Lake and try to do a tour of the Victory plant on the way to the meet? I'm coming from Nashville, TN and I would think that most of us who come from the SE or NE would be able to make a quick detour. It would only add 100miles to the already 2100 mile trip :tu



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Tracey and I have booked a room. I really hope for the registration fee they have good food. The meet we just had in Hot Springs served tacos without cheese the first night. Yep, you read that right, the fancy expensive dinner for the Hot Springs national meet had cheeseless tacos. The Saturday dinner was good though. The Friday dinner was not even as good as a frozen meal from a cardboard box.


Looking forward to the Idaho meet, although it is a LONG ass ride!!! We were not going to go, but decided to make a week of it.


Looking forward to this one. But please, make sure they don't serve shit food at the hotel!








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We will be there and cant wait to meet all these folks that I have only meet here on the forum. We live in Washington state so it will be nice to have it in the N.W Region in 2013. Who cares if you trailer your bike there or ride it, just show up. We booked our room and paid our reg fee's so we are set and ready to roll for next year. I can assure you the rides there are awesome. We just rode the rattlesnake canyon run about two weeks ago and it was hot 104 (rare) but fun none the less.



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