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The Official 2013 Thread

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From Las Vegas to Lewiston -


For those that have plans to go to National this year – below are the ride/travel plans for Ron and I. Please let me know if you have plans to go and if you would like to join us.


Note, the first two legs (LV to Ely and Ely to Boise) we will be trailling the bikes.


Tuesday – July 30th

Depart Las Vegas after work approximately 5pm - Approximate travel time is 5 hours

Head to Ely, NV – stay night


Wednesday – July 31st

Depart Ely around 8am - Approximate travel time 6 ½ hours

Head to Boise, ID – meet with the Utah guys at the Boise Victory dealer. Drop trailer. Stay night.


Thursday – August 1st

Depart Boise around 8am – Approximate travel time is 5 hours. Add time for lunch and gas stops.

Head to Lewiston, ID


Our hotel reservations are already made for Thursday, Friday, Saturday night (Pam & Loren are the intended roommates) at The Red Lion Inn. I know this place is booked but there are other hotels nearby that should still have openings. The ‘Main Event’ is at The Red Lion.


For the return trip – we’ll depart Lewiston sometime Sunday headed back towards Boise. Maybe a different route. Smell some roses.


Stay the night in Boise, heading to Ely on Monday, home to Vegas on Tuesday. Bikes back on trailer for the last two legs.


Hoping some of you will be joining us.





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Just wanted to let everyone know that I am cancelling one of my rooms, so it's up for grabs. I can either cancel it now, or make arrangements with somebody who wants and you can just pay me the room fee so you don't have to go through the reservation process.



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Teresa just had neck surgery and her doctor's do no recommend she ride on the motorcycle for at least six months. Ergo, we are going to forego this event. We just cancelled our reservations at the Red Lion so there is a room available.



Sorry to hear this Scott, I hope Teresa recovery goes well. "Take good care of the ones you love", I always say.... See ya two on the" wet" side some time




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Whew - reservations finally made for the meet!! And might I say, that's a lot of cool 'stuff' we get for the money. Getting closer. Getting excited!!! The South meets the North soon! We're coming with as big a group as we can gather from AZ, NV and UT!!! This is going to be awesome!!!



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Hey folks - I know as we get closer life will get in the way for some, and they won't be able to attend.  What I'd like is, if you find yourself in that situation,  please contact me before throwing your room out to the public.  At this point we have the entire hotel.  I am keeping a list of people who are in the hotels across the street and waiting for an opening.  If you call the hotel and cancel, then your room is up for grabs by the general public (i.e. non-VMC people).  If you will let me know I will have the Red Lion take your name off the reservation so you are covered.  Your room will go to the next person on the waiting list.


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