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Daytona Bike Week Ride

gene hunt

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Please plan to join for a day ride of ~225 miles with a stop for lunch, on Thursday 3/15 during bike week.


We will plan to meet at Andy's shop http://www.volusia-motorsports.com/ with KSU at 9:30AM.


We will take back roads over to Bunnell, Fla and stop and visit one end of a 13 mile section of the Dixie Highway, Old Brick Road https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dixie_Highway .


We will not ride on the road, it is best done on a Dual Sport or Enduro bike, but instead we will loop around and then follow CR13 along the east side of the St. John River, a large section of which is a canopy road. We will cross over the St. Johns river on the Shands Bridge and then follow the west side of the St. Johns River stopping for lunch at http://www.corkybellsseafood.com/, this stop is ~150 miles from our starting point.


After lunch we will continue south on US17, stopping for gas a short distance from Corky's, into Deland and then take US92 back to Daytona. I'll plan to stop at Wing House on our way in.


Please post here if you pan to attend, if there is enough interest I may have some pins made up.


- Gene

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I talked to Andy this morning, owner of Volusia Motorsports, he already has a ride setup for Thursday, which I plan to participate in. I will move my ride to Friday 10/16, we will be back in plenty of time to make the party that Andy has setup. So the ride is now set for Friday at 9AM, KSY 9;30AM. - Gene



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First I wanted to mention that No VMC Funds were used on this ride.


It was my honor and pleasure to lead this VMC Ride during Daytona Bike week on Friday, March 16, 2018. Leading this ride with a great bunch of riders I was so impressed at the formation behind me as we wound our way through the countryside. So Thanks to Luther, Karol, Candi, Arnold, Vohn, Wayne, Matt, Kirk, Rick, Karen, Victor, Chuck, Kevin and his dog for making the ride and a lasting memory, because it is you that make the ride and the memory special.


Our ride of ~240 miles began at Volusia Motorsports with KSU at 9:30, a little cool as we began but it warmed up quickly. The route took us on back roads, with curves, you may not get any twistys in Florida but there are some nice curvy routes like a few we were on to the first stop at Lake Dias https://www.volusia.org/services/community-services/parks-recreation-and-culture/parks-and-trails/park-facilities-and-locations/ecological-nature-parks/candace-r-strawn-lake-dias-park.stml Catching just a whiff of the orange blossoms along the way.


Our next stop was to visit the old brick road,

“The Dixie Highway-Hastings, Espanola and Bunnell Road (also known as County Road 13 or the Old Brick Road) is a historic section of Old Dixie Highway in Florida. It is located roughly between Espanola (in Flagler County) and CR 204 southeast of Hastings near Flagler Estates (in St. Johns County). This is one of the few extant portions of the original brick Dixie Highway left in Florida. On April 20, 2005, it was added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. Maitland, Florida is also home to a brick section of the Dixie Highway stretching around Lake Lily.”



Now I Goofed that up a little since it was my recollection that turning into to visit the road from the paved section was not a good idea since it is very narrow and sandy. The short story is my recollection was wrong it is almost 1 mile down the paved road before it turns to brick, sorry about that, anyway 5-6 of us walked in there then turned around and got our bikes and rode in to see the road.


After that fiasco, sorry about that, we continued on our route, stopping for Gas in Hastings, then following CR13 along the St. Johns river with moss covered trees and beautiful homes along the water leading us to SR 16 and crossing over the St. Johns River on the Shands Bridge https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shands_Bridge and then south on US17 to http://corkybellsseafood.com/ for lunch, a late one but the food was worth the wait IMHO. After a good lunch we headed back to Daytona and the Victory Owners Party at BJ’s Brewhouse https://www.facebook.com/events/1175327025932110/

Some bailed at Rt. 100, then Rt. 40, Chuck and I continued to my sister’s house, to drop off my KP that Chuck rode. Thanks to Chuck for lunch, $, and Beers you did not have to do that and thanks for taking good care of Mr. Kingpin , with 117K miles he is still a very special ride IMHO. Then back to BJs for the Victory Owners Party.


Thanks again to all for participating I had a great time and I hope you did too. The spot has the route and will still be active for a few more days.


I'll plan another ride next Daytona or perhaps Bike Octoberfest.


- Gene




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