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How big is this event.....

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RoadRocket - 2012-06-18 2:51 PM



....compared to the AVR if anyone has been to both recently?




Last year there was 237 at nationals. I had one person say 237 people and another one say 237 motorcycles. So I think a good estimate would be around 250 members and there guest. I have never been to the AVR so I can't compare nationals to it.

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It's damn near impossible to count the number of motorcycles at an event like this. I would suspect that 237 is the number of registered attendees. There is no way to count for unregistered attendees, but to guesstimate. At this year's Southeast Victory Rally, we had 225 registered attendees. Based on that and the number of folks that were there that I know weren't registered, I estimate total attendance at 250ish. With the number of 2-up riders, I would guess we had somewhere in the neighborhood of 200 bikes in the parking lot at night. Except for Friday night, when 2 of them were inside the hotel...




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