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2016 National Meet Proceeds


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Wanted to let everyone know Chris and I had the honor of attending a Relief Ride BBQ #6 of the Motorcycle Relief Project tonight. It was a great experience meeting current and past ride participants and other supporters of the MRP. Hearing current and past participants testimony about what the program has meant to them certainly solidified in our minds we picked a great beneficiary of the National Meet. We were able to present Tom Larson and Motorcycle Relief Project a check for the proceeds of the meet in the amount of $19,307! Everyone present expressed how grateful they were of the VMC’s contribution. Even some participants would like to ride with the Palmer Divide victory Riders to show their appreciation.

On behalf of the Palmer Divide Victory Riders we would like to thank all the VMC members and 2016 National Meet attendees for making the meet such a success. 

Thanks so much,

Chris and Dave Cooper

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Dave , Chris, and all the Palmer Divide members, thank you all so much for all your efforts to take on and put on such a great event! I know that the results of your willingness to take on this challenge will and has made a difference in some ones life! Thank you all so much!!!!!!!

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All the hard work and worrying about how we could pull this meet off, and the charity work came to light last night. Seeing the gratitude and appreciation in those vets eyes was almost overwhelming. Their testimonials gave me such pleasure in knowing we picked a perfect cause!


I encourage us all to continue efforts to help this project thrive. As we know how therapeutic riding is the counseling that goes along with this program is very innovative and helps vets breakthrough the struggles they deal with each day!


Thank you all for your support!


Chris Cooper



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First of all I would like to say thank you to Dave, Chris and the rest of the Palmer Divide group.  They did an outstanding job hosting the event.  I had a great time riding, catching up with familiar faces and meeting many other new friends.  The community of people that I have experienced in attending several of the National Meets is truly refreshing compared to what we see everyday.  

I had some time to chat with Tom before the National Meet banquet.  His dedication to the Motorcycle Relief Project is impressive.  In addition, if you did not attend the National Meet you may want to check out the website at http://www.motorelief.org.  It was great to see how generous people can be as well as how appreciative Tom truly is.  After all we all know how therapeutic riding can be.  Add the other components that the Motorcycle Relief Project includes, I can see where this type of treatment can really help.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!


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