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NEW XC and XR FLOORBOARDS... simply bad ass!

Let It Ride

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Dammit Will! You have the best shit ever! As if I didn't want a XC bad enough already, this made it worse. No way to fit these onto a Vegas is there??



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Well, at the SE Meet last week you all plain wiped me out of these bad boys! I guess you felt they looked even better in person.

I have more coming, but it's a good idea to get your orders in now as to assure yourself a set on this next run. Expecting to ship 3 or so weeks from now on any orders placed today on.


Now to those who grabbed some from me there, how about some pics???




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The matching passenger boards... require an adapter, sold separately.

Boards: $379 list, member price $241.10. Adapters: $39.99 list, $34 member price. And of course they're also available in black anodized and contrast cut as well.





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Mark, first, it was great to finally meet you, and thanks for squeezing in a visit to my shop while you were in town. Oh, and for the credit card you so kindly left too! ;).


John, there are no printed instructions as they're so simple. Pull the cotter pin, slide out the clevis pin. Just look at the spring before you do so you know the position for reassembly in the reverse of above.

Tools required:

Needle nose pliers

6 pack of Bud




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I have these on my bike, they are the sickest thing on the market right now. Easy installation. Remember you will have to adjust your shifter and brake pedal a tad. These boards sit lower than the stock floorboards.


If you need floorboards, buy these.



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