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2017 Meet


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Someday I'm going to figure out the FB attraction for club business/events. I'm sure it gets more hits than our forums, but like our forum views count, views or hits don't count much for action. Now if the purpose of having it on FB is to reach beyond the VMC membership maybe it makes sense but then I wonder why we are trying to do that. If it because we think it will reach more of the VMC membership because they don't go to the forums, then so will an email, with a link to the forums.


I don't have anything against FB and use it on occasion but I honestly don't see the advantage for such things as this.


I think the event logo is very nice BTW, that bridge shot is classic and has put a smile on my face every time I have approached on US17, but the VMC logo needs to be added somehow, hopefully that can be done without messing up the overall graphic.


- Gene




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The event information is on our home page, and has been since the day the event was posted on Facebook, yes the posting should have been complete with the finished art work included. The low Country Victory Riders have stepped  up when we needed some one and they are making every effort to get this thing rolling, and make it a great event. The problem here is that the National meet procedures have not been followed and in some cases can not but this is not the fault of the hosting chapter, they are excited and happy to be producing this event. I will be in contact with the members here that do know the policy's and procedures that govern our events and having a discussion.

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So far.............................you are the only man, as I see, who can bitch with a positive spin.


The logo is out for revision!


You know.....................using FB could possibly grow your membership and in turn grows your treasury! More money for more things! Just Sayin





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The following is the test we want to introduce the meet to the membership:


Victory Nation……………………….Welcome to Charleston South Carolina!


Mark your calendars and make your plans for the 2017 Victory Motorcycle Club National Meet and Ride. Join us August 4th through the 7th, 2017, as we roll into one of America’s greatest cities and go “Cruising the Lowcountry Coast.” Travel and Leisure Magazine named Charleston, South Carolina as the “2016 Best City in the World.” That’s because Charleston has it all…………..history, culture, architecture, plantations, battlefields and forts, superb food, great entertainment and night life, beaches, islands, wineries, sports, golf courses, and people…………..Charleston offers its valued tourists and visitors a historic city with the convenience of a robust modern metropolitan. The Lowcountry Victory Riders are thrilled to be the 2017 host chapter, and invites the VMC membership to come experience the charm and explore the history of Charleston. The Charleston Convention Center/Embassy Suites Hotel will be our host venue and offers a glamorous facility for annual meeting and celebration. Our host dealer, American Biker, is onboard and excited to showcase its fabulous dealership. So, we look forward to seeing y’all……..it’s not a cliché when someone says………….”come to Charleston and experience southern hospitality at its best.”


This is the link to the VMC unique webpage for hotel reservations:



Attached is the revised logo.



The chapter needs to conference and smart docs, so we can formuate/graph registration information and to start on budget revision.


The LCVR is ready, prepared, and willing to bust butts for the membership!





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You might want to do a fact check. The Zakim was built in 1997

The Ravenel was built in 2005.


So who copied who?


And Vohn, I'm not being negative, I'm goving ypu constructive criticism to help you. I think that a picture of a historic landmark that's been around for over 150 years wpuld look better than a 11 year old bridge for the National Meet logo artwork.





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