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Riding from Orlando to Detroit - Leaving 5-24-12

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I'm leaving Orlando May 24th early in the morning and riding north to Detroit, MI. My route is going to be I-75 all the way! If anyone is interested in joining the ride anywhere along that route, email me and will figure places to join up and throttle up the highway. Email me at helopilot60@yahoo.com





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Be mindful of your speed between exit 9 and exit 16 in Georgia. That usually were I see cops. They will hang out in the medians, but also tend to set up speed traps on the exit 13 overpass.


You'll also want to want your speed rolling into Tifton. Same deal there. Speed reader on the overpass, runners lined up on the on-ramp.


Don't waste time with taking trying to take a bypass around Atlanta. It's 8 lanes all the way through and motorcycles are allowed in the HOV lane. If there's a traffic jam in Atlanta on I-75, you can bet the farm the bypass is jammed too.

There will be a ton of traffic and they'll all be going fast. Keep your head on a swivel and the throttle twisted.



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