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Help Jon

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Jon us folks out here need help.

There are allot of folks out here that need a clutch lever with a more pullback 1 to 2" min for the XC & XCT. My wife and many others are having issues with the clutch lever being so far out that it's difficult to reach. I and many others have scoured the net trying to find a vendor who makes these. Well nobody does. This is where you step in Jon. Since Vic does not make an adjustable clutch lever like they do for the front brake lever we need some body (just like Kuryakan did for HD's)to make a clutch lever with a more pull back for small hands. I'm sure it would be worth your time to R&D and make these. As soon as word gets out I'm sure you would sell enough to recoup your investment and make a profit. Can you help us on this Jon PLEASE??.




Chuck ;)

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I have looked at it and also had a lot of requests for it. Our big problem right now is keeping up with what we make now. I have tried to sub contract out some work but that is an absolute nightmare so we do it all ourselves. No one will spend the time for R&D and to only make a few. They all want an order for 100 or more. We are one of the very few companies that will do just a few but unfortunately that takes a ton of time away from our current schedule.


I can probably make you up something very rough- I mean rough- and send it to you to try out and see if we are on the right track.



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