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National VMC IBA Ride to Spirit Lake

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ok, we're a few months out yet but looking for a headcount on how many people still plan on participating in this ride.

The factory will be accommodating us and the employees that build the bikes will be used as our final witness upon completion of the ride.

We're planning on meeting somewhere near to the finish line and ride in all as 1 group.

Hotels will be up the individual to decide where they want to stay.  However a celebratory get together will likely happen.  It won't be funded, just a bunch of us getting together at a bar/restaurant hooting and hollering and congratulating each other.  Hopefully joined by some Victory employees and personnel.

Should be a fun event, somewhat disorganized, relatively rowdy, a great photo opportunity for riders/employees and a promotional opportunity for the factory.

You will be responsible for your own route to the meeting destination as well hooking up with anyone that wishes to ride with you.

Date is June 7th, 2012(Thursday) with an arrival to plant at no later than 3pm Friday the 8th.  

If you think you'll be up to attempt this first ever national VMC IBA ride to the birthplace please enter yes on the poll so we can approximate how many members will partake in this event.

It also may be kind of a neat idea to have some t-shirts made up for this. Cost will be determined depending on volume. This isn't an official club sponsored event, but it is open to whomever wishes to join in on the ride.

If you are creative design wise, have access to a silk screener or are a vendor that can be the middle man for these please contact me.

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T- shirts would ( could ) be cool, but I wonder if the IBA would take issue with any trademark logo issues of a t-shirt design. I'd kinda like a t-shirt that says something like, " I did the inaugural VMC Iron Butt ride to Spirit Lake, 6-7-12, and I didn't get my stupid friends any damn souvenirs 'cause they're pussies and can't ride that far!"



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