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Visit to the factory after the meet ?


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I'am heading North to Canada Rossburn in Manitoba after the VMC meet and would like to visit the factory does anyone know if it would be possible to get a tour sorted out for other riders heading that direction.

I understand that they would need an idea of numbers if some think like this was to happen.

Has anyone got a contact name to arrange something like this ?


See you in Hot Springs Arkansas    uk John

Sorry to say on the Vee Strom DL650 again, to costly having a second Vic seating in the USA.

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Definitely make arrangements. When I was there last year, I groveled my way in. They normally do tours on I believe Wednesdays but don't quote me on that. We were there on a Monday.


It's well worth the stop. It's a great tour & quite interesting. Unfortunately they don't allow any pics inside the plant.


Dave Shellany or Mike Dapper may be able to give you some numbers to make arrangements. I looked & never found any. If you have any contact with any of the Victory Reps or come across one of the Demo Trucks they may be able to give you more info. I'll try to remember to find out anything if I cross paths with anyone who might know.


Sounds like a fun trip John. Wish I could make it back there, but no way this year. I'm fianlly almost back on my feet with a steady job and can't afford a month off which is what it would end up taking me.


Have fun & be safe.





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