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Hotel is booked up

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Northern - 2012-02-27 8:40 AM

There is a post in the South Central forums that the hotel is already booked up. I made my reservation a week or so ago and they didn't have a lot of rooms left then.

The sky is falling, the sky is falling. You might try asking someone involved before you post BS like this.Just booked our room this morning.The hotel is NOT full there are plenty of rooms still available and according to my contact both smoking and non-smoking.Like I posted in the SC forum. If your concerned book your room now and if you have to cancel later. There is no charge for cancellation if you do it ahead of time.
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**** R E S E R V A T I O N . C O N F I R M A T I O N ****


838 McClendon Road

Hot Springs, Arkansas 71901-9760



Thank you for choosing Hot Springs KOA. If you

have any questions or find an error with your

reservation please call 1-800-562-5903. Thank you.

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Looking forward to meeting you too Larry, Just look for a tall amazon bitch with her boobs hanging out, i will be the tall dork drooling all over her!!! LOL

The gal said there are a lot of rooms left there Larry, you should rebook!!!


Barry, I know Rylan is going, he wont be riding as far as I am aware. I am guessing there will be others that are going, really havent asked???? Would be fun to ride as a group. Only part that SUCKS is will have to drag along a helmet to get through Missouri.


Craig, we will be avoiding you like the plague, Janells shoulders still have burn marks on them from you smoochin all over her!!! LOL

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I am the one that suggested that the Memphis group stay at the Embassy. It is about twice the price to stay there (as opposed to the Austin), but every room is a suite -- 1 or 2 beds, plus a sleeper in the front sitting room. The Embassy is only about 7 or 8 years old -- the Austin is older. I am not saying that the Austin is run down, just not as nice as the Embassy. The free happy hour and the free complete breakfast are another plus for the Embassy. The Austin does have a bar and a resteraunt, but breakfast is not included with your stay.


Just for a little more info, the Austin does have covered parking across the street from the hotel, Embassy doesn't (unless you can get under the awning at the entrance).


If anyone has any questions about Hot Springs or the hotels, I would be glad to help them. I do not live in the area (I live about 3 hours away), but I spend at least a week there every year.



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Our official event Hotel The Austin is not booked up. If they tell you they are be sure to identify that you are with the VMC. If still a problem ask for JoElla at The Austin. The Banquets and speakers and registration will be at The Austin which in on the West end of the Convention Center.



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