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NEW!! CLUTCH ARM COVERS! Help choose the final style!

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As always, I'm asking you Vic owners for help in narrowing down the final version, maybe 2, of our new clutch arm covers.
Not one to copy others, or to copy copies of others, here are some fresh new designs.

If you're viewing this please don't just go away without giving your input, whether you're interested in one or not as it's your opinion I want here, not your order.

The final choice(s) will be available as shown in both chrome or black, as well as with engravings to match our most popular themes. Also considering contrast cutting the chamferred edge on top on the black ones, where engraved or not, so you black lovers do please also comment on your thoughts on this idea too.
Thanks to all in advance!






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Thanks to those who've contributed feedback. Let's hope we get a bunch more to nail down a consensus.

Keep in mind a polished and plated part with more 'facept's adds more 'pop', and in black more contrast. You've gotta use a little imagination to picture the finished product as the lines in the CAD drawing distort the perspective of the same form in 3D metal.

Here's some more perspective in our Hypnotix pattern.



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FINALLY! :pty :dp :pty

Chrome  covers will be ready to ship in about a week, the black and contrast cut Winged Vs about the same, and the Hypnotix 2 tone about a week or so later.

Hypnotix polished and ready for plating. 


Winged V in contrast cut (please disregard the crappy finish, I simply painted this one to see how they're going to look)



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