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NEW!! CLUTCH ARM COVERS! Help choose the final style!

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Cool, glad you like it. Waiting on final cost calculations, but member cost will be give or take $60. I was hoping to keep them a little less but to keep all the detail required using very fine tooling requiring unusually long machine time. Just couldn't accept putting less intricate detail to sell them for just a few bucks lower of a price point.

We didn't settle on our bikes, so why do so with what we bolt on to dress them up???





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I thought about that Jim, but because that theme is inherently Scott's creation/style so to speak and as such I would never infringe on that. I believe as vendors we have a responsibility to find our own styles and design niches without stepping on others toes or 'reaching into others pockets' per se. To me, being a leader in style and design is far more fulfilling than being a duplicator of others' efforts and creativity.


Take these parts as a perfect example. They're the first out there to feature three dimensional surfaces as well as they retain my signature chamferred edges so as to match my styles of engine covers and wedges.






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The pricing on our site is incorrect and will be adjusted in a day or so when Vicky returns from a trip. Any orders placed until then will automatically be refunded the difference back. Any orders already placed or delivered at the incorrect pricing have already been adjusted and refunded the difference. My apologies for the inconvenience.

Pricing as follows:

Hthe correct ppnotix black/contrast cut $52.99
Winged V in all black or contrast cut: $56.99
Hypnotix in Triple Show Chrome $69.99
Winged V in Triple Show Chrome $74.99

While I've got you, I've been asked why is the Winged V more than the Hypnotix, so I'll tell you. It's due to the added machining time from the use of very small bits to achieve the very fine detail in the 3D wing bottoms and tight corners in the V. I wanted the detail you've come to expect from us instead of doing them faster but with less detail. I think the difference is well worth it and hope you all do too.
I've also been asked why the chrome covers are more than the black where with most vendors they're the same. The reason is simple, no one gives you chrome like we do, and even on such small parts we will not skimp and cut corners or steps in the process to save a few crumbs. Like all our parts, they're first sanded out to remove any and all machining marks and then mirror polished, at which point the true show chrome triple plating process is applied.

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Here is the new Primary style clutch arm cover in raw form, sorry about the poor photos. Mimicks the shape of your lower primary case for a clean "it belongs there" kind of look.

They're at chroming and powder coating right now and should be ready within 3 days for black and 7 or so days for chrome.


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Black Primary style Clutch Arm Covers are done and ready to ship. $56.99 in Black powder coat and $74.99 for Triple Show Chrome, before member discounts of course. Chrome versions will be ready to ship by Tuesday, Wednesday the latest. THey won't go up on the site until the chrome versions arive, so if you want one before then just let me know.



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