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The wait is nearing an end... QUICK RELEASE Vision passenger backrest anyone??

Let It Ride

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OK, we have some serious progress. Thanks for all the patience fellas, and now that you're finally seeing what I'm up to, I hope you forgive me for taking so long to finalize the design.

Not to simply plaguerize Vic's original design and knock it off which is very easily done I've started with a clean sheet of paper here. Why not just duplicate Viucs? A) because I respect patents and copyrights, and B) I always look to improve a part, be it cosmetically, or in function, where in this case I think we accomplished both but I want you to be the final judges.

I've been playing around with this a million different ways and feel pretty darn good about where it's at now but I'd like feedback from you all before finalizing since it is going to be you putting on your bikes. The backrest plate will be further shaped/contoured, as too will be the arms where they meet the plate, so look at the concept more than the rest shape and size and then tell me what you think. Please don't ask price yet because until one's finished and all the costs are in I won't have one.

Notable Features will include:

*All billet aluminum TIG welded construction for light weight and great strength. They will be available in our signature triple show chrome or in gloss black powdercoat as standard, as well as any other finish I offer on a custom basis, including matte and satin black powder coat.

*The backrest will removable in seconds, with only the receiver nubs protruding above the cowling when removed.

*Rest legs will accomodate the same rack fitment as OEM, which are also the same as our Vision Backrest Racks

*There will be an option for a drop-in to just accomodate a rack all by itself, w/o the backrest in place. Something many have voices a want for.

*Filler plugs/caps will also likely be available to clean it up when you want nothing on.









The red in the below 2 photos represents the cowling in place to show what will be protruding of the receivers.










This is all you'll need to bolt up.



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Just kidding.











Not really..........








Why do I care?















I dont'..........






























Just busten' yer balls......

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Like I said on the other thread regarding this.

It look like it will be another great product from CycleOps. Can't wait to see the finished product, and get it on my bike. Going to be needing it, as my bike is in the process of adding a 116" kit. :tu :tu

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Well I have nothing for my Ness Vision. I really want to take road trips with my girlfriend but she doesn't want to ride without a back rest. Not to mention I have no way of carrying a passenger and a bag. It is getting very frustrating. I still can't believe that Victory discontinued the back rest.



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I'm sure Will is doing his best.  I hope he knows how important this project is to a lot of people.  there are few others out there that make a backrest but none of them look quit finished yet.  That is why I'm going to wait for Wills'.  I don't want to settle for second best when I can have the best (as long as I can wait).  With that said, it sure doesn't make the wait any easier when your itchin to get out and ride with the wife. Mine will ride but not for long.  I just don't want to put the trunk back on.

Keep up the good work Will.   :y:  

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I really appreciate everyone's patience in waiting for this project to be completed. for the past 2 and a half months I've been dealing with some serious family issues and taken away from the shop more than I care to admit. That and the fact of my soon to be ex wife wacked my business accounts didn't help working capital any and I am still recovering from that to have the funds to push this forward as it's quite expensive to bring such a complicated product to market. all I can ask if you have a little bit more patience than I promise these will be coming.



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