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Leg 11 ~ 7.1.2012 ~ Hebron, OH ~ La Vale, MD


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Welcome to the 13th Annual Victory Highway Relay!


Region: SC ~ MA


Leg Captain: Dann Walling aka: lieutenant Dann

Co-Captain: Rob McCord aka: robbrutus

Hotel will be the same as last year (La Vale,MD). Prices to follow

"Central Ohio Victory Riders" will be the hosting chapter



Patti :usa

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I might be able to do this leg. I have not run the V2V before, but it looks like a cool ride. I ride with a group of 4-8 Vic riders that I will see if they have any interest. I will make note of the date, and see what I can put together.



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Well; since Dann is taking point and I'll be in Hebron anyway, I guess I can go on a little farther. It's gonna be a long ride back to Michigan on that Hammer.

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Hebron hotel information


Best Western Plus

Lakewood Inn

122 Arrowhead Blvd.

Hebron, Ohio 43025

(740) 928-1800


85$ plus tax.


Make sure to mention Victory Motorcycle Club

Reservation must be made by May 30th. The hotel is full, so make sure you call them direct and get into the blocked rooms. After May 30th, the rooms go back to the general bookings.




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I have done a little research on the route. I am not local so I am going from internet searches and past V2V runs. This is a loose schedule, with room for change. We have a pretty relaxed route with time for a little sight seeing along the way. If you have suggestions feel free to post them or PM me.


Itinerary for the day:





122 Arrowhead Boulevard

Hebron, OH 43025



Stands up 8:30.

1st stop: Appprox 16 miles. Putnam Hill Park overlooking "Y" bridge, Zanesville, OH. Quick photo op. at an interesting little park.


2nd stop: About 26 miles. Short turnoff onto a small stretch of the brick paved original "National Road" and "S" Bridge historic stop near New Concord, OH.


3rd stop: Approx 75 miles. Wheeling Park, Wheeling WV. Maddonna of the Trail and Civil War Monument. Lunch to follow at an undetermined locatin. Gas up as needed.


4th stop: Approx 42 miles, Bealsville, PA. Maddonna of the Trail monument.


End: Approx 78 miles. We should be in by 4:00 PM. This is variable, depending on how much time people want to take at the stops.


Best Western Plus Braddock Motor Inn

1268 National Highway

La Vale, MD 21502





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It was great to meet all of you and it was an interesting ride. Between the storm damage, getting lost on the mountainside in Wheeling, and the tire trouble Mike ans Kim had on the way back, it was a memorable trip. This was my first V2V, and will not be the last.




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