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NEW BLOG Lyndall VS EBC Brakes

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A member brought up the question of "which brake pads do I need?" so I thought I would offer what I know about it.


We sell both brands so I'll help you with what I know.


Both pads work very well. Both will squeal BUT customers report less squealing with the EBC. As far as dust- both will make some dust. Lyndall are a harder pad which means more dust but in heavy or aggressive riding Lyndalls are reported to stop better. In most cases the reason the "Dust" is hard to get off is because it contains tiny metal particles that stick to the wheel. Ever see cars going down the road with orange front wheels and the rear look normal? That's brake dust that has turned to rust causing the orange rusty color. Normal washing will not clean it off- thats why they make wheel cleaner that has an acid type cleaner in it.



We sell an equal amount of Lyndall VS EBC. Customers also report that both last about the same length of time but of course it depends how you ride, aggressive, carry extra weight, city, highway etc. Same as how brakes would last in a car.


Lyndall describes them as "Racing" because they sell to many other makers than Victory. Lyndall is a racing type company and have their roots there. They make an awesome rotor for Victory too but its expensive! In my opinion they market their stuff as an aggressive pad that is used in racing. Kind of how Goodyear shows you a Nascar tire and that the "Technology learned on the track helps your everyday car on the road."




In My opinion, for an everyday rider ho basically drives to work and around town with no crazy tendencies then I would go with EBC. EBC are also a tiny bit cheaper as well.


Use coupon code VMCWEB and save 10% too! We carry pads for every model Victory and they are also in stock.



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Just ordered the Lyndalls for my Vision. I was also noticing only the listing for the rears on the gold + and the EBC only listed the fronts. I was planning on the Lyndell brakes anyway, but was an interesting observation.


Might have to check out a few of the other goodies on the site as well. :)



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I've only got a couple hundred miles on the EBC HH pads but there is night and day difference between these and the stock pads on my XC! I would say another 50% stopping power, much better "feel" and none of the squeal I had with the stock pads. Anyone debating which pads to go with, these are it IMHO. With the stock pads I was having to grab a fist full and they had the feel of a brick. I can 2 finger the front brake now and it will stop on a dime and give change back!



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Hey Jon, just wanted to clarify something, in your blog your saying the Lyndalls will have more dust but in their synopsis on your website they claim no dust. I'll be replacing both front and rear on an 07 KP that currently has stock front and EBC rear. I'm happy with the performance but the dust sucks. Will the Lundalls be just as dusty as the EBCs?



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