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Leg 2 ~ 6.22.2012 ~ Carson City, NV ~ Ely, NV


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For those riding legs 2 & 3 - we are considering staying the night at The Jailhouse in Ely. Some of us stayed there last year and the hot water stayed hot and the cold water stayed cold. Plus, they had a nice room for the banquet. Please provide me with some feedback and be kind. I have one feeling and I don't want it hurt!!!


Donna aka tyrant

Leg 2 Ride Captain V2V

SCVR Secretary

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Hotel information for Ely - Some people have already made reservations for The Hotel Nevada. However, I've also worked out a block of rooms at The Jailhouse (across the street). They're holding about 20 rooms with a rate of $53/nite single OR double occupancy. Smoking OR non smoking. Just let them know you're with the Victory Motorcycle Club or ask for Gayla. Rooms/Rates will be held/good till 6/1.


The baton pass in Ely will be held in the private dining room at The Jailhouse at 7pm.


Let me know if there are any questions.


Need RSVP's from SCVR but would be great to know who/how many from Leg #3 too.


See ya in June!!!!



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Ron and I (Hicks) will be riding from Carson (we live in Washoe Valley) on leg 2 and 3 into Park City. My little brother may be joining us. I will let you know for sure when he responds back to me. Randy, looking forward to seeing you again!




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Leg 2 More details -


For the morning of the 22nd - please be gassed up and ready to go in front of the Gold Dust (looks like the check in arch - is gold on the map).

Departure time to be 8am

Breakfast can be had at The Grille inside the Gold Dust - I'm told our room package may include the cost of breakfast but the lady that made my reservation wasn't sure. When you check in - ask for breakfast!

I'll be having breakfast at 6:30am - join me!


Route to be (from the Gold Dust) all travel times per Google Maps -


East on E Williams/Lincoln Hyw/Route 50

First stop to be Fallon for gas (63.1 miles - 1 hr 15 mins)

Second stop Austin for gas and lunch (111 miles - 1 hr 53 mins)

Third stop Eureka for gas (69.8 miles - 1 hr 22 mins)

Last stop Ely (77.4 miles - 1 hr 23 mins)


Each leg is short since this IS the desert and not all bikes can go 150 miles to the tank. I'm also guessing the times are based on cars and not motorcycles going through twisties. We can do them MUCH faster however, we will NOT be breaking the sound barrier!


We'll hold a brief meeting prior to departure so please try to be about 15 minutes early so we can line up and be organized (I'm hopeful anyway).


There will not be a chase vehicle.


Gosh Patti - did I forget anything??????


See you all soon!!!!!!



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I will be riding this leg leg 3 so if anyone needing any of my items from my site(dragon-bobdesigns.com) make your order now and I will Have them for you at Ely NVand for the bags and grips I will refund you the shipping via paypal

just Email me after you make your order and I can deliver it in Ely NV. My address is bob5219@mac.com

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I'm playing this leg by ear. I may or may not continue on. The further East I go the further West I have to come home. Hotels are cheaper than camping sometimes and I'm on a real limited budget. A 900 mile ride home after 2 days with you all doesn't sound that much fun!!! LOLOLOL Being along with ya does tho.


I have another week long ride coming up right after the V2V that's going to be way fun but a few $$.


If I hit a JP in CC I'll go for it other wise not. LOLOL So I'm not holding my breath.


Can't wait tho!!! One of these days I'm going for the whole shebang!!!



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