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2018 MEET - "reunion" kinda


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A favor to ask of all current VMC Members and vmc.com active users.

There are many "low number" VMC current or past Members who probably don't utilize this site any longer and thus may not be aware of the 2018 National MEET.

If anyone out there knows some of these old farts would you please contact them. Or give me contact info.

Explain that Kozy is "sub-committee chair officially in charge of getting as many old farts there as possible for a kinda reunion".

I have been promised by the event organizer's that the old farts will even have their own space at the MEET. It's not very elaborate, but will satisfy our needs - it's a corner of the parking lot with a cooler(s) of beer. And Michigan is about the closest to our first "Meet In The Middle" in 2002.

Think I'll even make up a slogan......lets see.....oh, got it!

"Old friends - if not now when?!"


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Kozy and I have been discussing this since we first landed the national for Michigan. He is going to do a bang up job on this and I will make sure he has a dedicated space and recognition for the early members, I"m so happy he is taking the lead on this.


Thanks again Kozy





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"Explain that Kozy is sub-committee chair officially in charge of getting as many old farts there as possible for a kinda reunion" (Old Fart my ass)


"Old friends - if not now when?!" I do like that.



Alright, allfrigginright Kozy, you skinny-arsed SOB. I got the message! So here's message for you. i'm bringing the Padron's and maybe a Gurkha or two.


I got a kitchen pass for July 19 - 22. The room is booked at the Ramada Grayling H&CC. (First floor, Queen size, just cuz I can still sweet talk a lady on the phone.)


Dammit, we're not getting any younger, so before they have to bury one of us, I figured I'd like to see your sorry carcass and the carcasses (or is that carcaii?) of some other folks I haven't seen since before Noah switched from sail to diesel power.


I'll trailer the Lark behind the CCT and follow you around for a few days. if I run out of power, we'll just have to find someone to push the scooter. Just kidding, I fine with a cane. :)


Any other East Coasters want to buddy up on the ride out? Give me a shout.










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I'm headed up from Chantilly, Va. But Nora and I are planning to spend some time up there visiting all the lighthouses so not sure if we are going to do that before or after the meet. I'm thinking of taking US50 to US250, then US20 to US127. We will have to spend a night along the way have not decided where that will be. - Gene



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Help please.

Trying to use any means possible to contact potential "IF NOT NOW WHEN" participants.


Victory Riders Association

Victory Owners Group

Both led to:


Tried several times to register and failed with "error" message. (Remember, not the brightest light on the puter tree)

Other than being a dumb ass, anything else I can do?

Thanks, Koz




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Beck....gonna be great to see ya. Oh, bring the Padrons leave the Gurkhas home.

DirtyMike....ya know I will always call ya that.

Gene....if the old fart shoe fits, wear it. :) and, your choice of cigars is very cool w/ me.

Daffy......that RV you're coming in has a pisser, yes?  And....you have not mentioned brand cigars you will bring.....remember we are gentlemen of the highest caliber and enjoy only the best. Ok, ok.....we'll have a raffle to select the designated gentleman.

still working with Frank Coletto - past VMC Prez - to get his ass there.

love ya all, see ya soon,




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This will be great getting your old friends together. I a great place in the shade for y'all and I hope to be able to spend some time there to hear the truth about Kozy and all of his crazy exploits. Hopefully I'll be good enough for a wee sip of the adult beverages too. Looking forward to seeing y'all in two weeks. 

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Kozy I had VMC flags made up to fly on our Vics for members that wanted them. When the order came in some of the printed VMC logo's was slightly crooked on the flag, the vendor replaced them with news ones. I have the ones they replaced and a nice rope with clips to hang the flags to mark off an area, thought it would be a good thing for ride , meetup etc... I'll bring that to help mark off the area of the parking lot and we may have something special to add in the middle. Sound good? - Gene

VMC Rope IMG_1800.JPG

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It was great meeting everyone and it was a good get together at the end of the day, I enjoyed it very much. Thanks for giving us the area.

I'll bring the banner to every meet, would be nice if I saw some of the early numbers on the 20th anniversary V2V next year. - Gene

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