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2016 Southeast Victory Rally

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Thank you

It sounds like a great time and I'm looking forward to it.

You all need to swing by and say Hi if you see a bald guy on a Hardball.

Are there any groups that ride out to deals gap? Blue ridge parkway is also amazing but maybe a little far. Graveyard fields on the blue ridge is one of my favorite places to visit



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Hi, everyone. My weekend of the SE Vic Rally in Hellen, GA recently got freed up. So I'm late to the show. I'm from Vinemont, just outside of Cullman, AL. Getting stuff organized now. A special thanks to member John Stacy Davis for getting some info to me to get started. Will register for the rally in a few.



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I was just now able to book a room and arrange to join this event. I've been a Victory owner (& VMC member) for slightly over 5 years now and this is the 1st chance I will have had to have joined this event. REALLY looking forward to it!


I am selling my 2011 Ness XC so if you are in the market for an exceptionally clean and sharp example of the Ness bike, watch my attached YouTube Video and bring cash to the Rally to separate me from it! LOL


Note: I am selling the bike to buy a Classic Corvette so this isn't a "distressed sale" but the funds will cover about 1/3rd of the vette's price so bring your $$$ to the rally! x0N95CGv-KE



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