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Help me with a new linkage style I'm playing with...

Let It Ride

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As you all know I like to give lots of choices to you all, and with the current hot items being dimples and contrast cut holes, whacha think of these variations on our current Gothic design? It will also be available in triple show chrome. As the match our new Hypnotix engine covers and wedges they'll also carry the same name.

(These are painted matte black for prototyping purposes, so if the finish looks imperfect thast's why.)

Help me decide on which. I'm leaning towards the larger/less holes. The other, while cool, will add $15-18 or so to the cost for the added bores.

Will be available in all fitments:

1) Vegas Low, Kingpin Low, TC, SC, Vision*, Cross Country*, and Cross Roads* (*with stock heims)

2) STD steel fame bike length, Vision**, Cross Country**, and Cross Roads** (**with OUR shorter chrome or polished SS, or our new two tone black/chrome heims)

3) 2" EXT for those with 2" extensions on Jackpot, Hammer, or any Kinpin or Vegas model.

4) Any custom length for a Vic or for other makes of bikes as well.

Shown in STD length... your thoughts?







This raw one will give you an idea on what it will look like in a solid finish like chrome.



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Holy $h!t, Will, I LOVE 'em! Are you doing this to me on purpose? How am I supposed ignore this when I just bought the black assassin grips, pegs and matching Malice controls from you??? I guess I have no choice but to ask for a 2" ext. black linkage............ :dno


Oh, and I'm with you. I'm digging the larger, single row of holes (less is more).

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I like the one in the top picture going across the monster's and girl's heads best but that's because I'm running Tracker's instead of cheese wedges. They would match best with them.


Others might be running something like the Ness primary cover with a zillion holes. In that case the style with lots of holes might be a better fit.


I like the flat on one side better than the peaks on both sides.



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