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Cool places in Hot Springs?????


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Cool Places..... Hot Springs has been entertaining guest for over a hundred years. If you will email me specifically what you like to do I can give you the "Cool Places". Or try


www.hotsprings.org and ArkansasBiker.info


It is a great place to enjoy your Victory.

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Being Hot "Springs", there are plenty of bath houses to relax in. There are also a few gentelemans clubs in town, but I have never been in one. There is an aligator farm in town. You can ride your bike up a couple of different mountains (one of which has an observation tower that looks over the city). There are some WW2 military "ducks" that will take you on a tour of the city and to the local lake.


As far as restaurants, there is a nice steak house (by Ark. standards) across the street for the Austin Hotel. There is also a german place (The Brauhouse) in the same area. There is a place called Rollando's that serves "Latino" cusine. McClards is "world" famouse for it's BBQ (it was Clinton's "favorite")


There is Oaklawn Downs, but I am not sure when racing season is. There is the usaul mall and restaurant row (Red Lobster, Chili's, etc.)


Best thing about Hot Springs is the great roads to ride.


Let me know if you have any other questions. I am not a "local" (I live 3 hours away), but I have been there several times.

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