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Meet Registration Fee?

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Actual meet registration will start sometime after the first of the year. Yes there will be registraton fee, the exact amount is yet to be determined. As to an events schedule about all I can tell you right now is that it starts Thursday evening and ends Sunday morning. In between there will be some ridin', eating, drinking, smoking and more than a fair amount of lies told!!!!


As soon as a schedule is develped it will be posted

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Would like to recommend to whomever is deciding on the registration fees that there is a benefit for being a member. That is to say, make it more expensive for non members. There should be an incentive to join this club, and the events that are put on using club money need to capitalize on that.


The Great Lakes meet in July has one price for members, and another price for non members this year. My own fiance' will not join unless there is a benefit to her. She only attends the SE meet, the national, and the GL regional. None of which seem to ever have a differing cost associated with membership. So basically she spends $15 to save $5 at the GL regional meet. Kinda pointless. And makes my point. We need to differentiate between the benefit you receive for being a dues paying member and not paying anything. That can and should start with our major club events.


My $.02.





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Sorry to sound impatient, but... Ten months ago the meet was announced. Three months ago the registration fee/info was promised "at the end of the week". I know that there is a lot of work involved with this, but we, the participants, have plans and decisions to make and are waiting on this info. If there is a holdup can you let us know? Is there an information available?



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