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Daytona Beach Bike Week 2012

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Is anyone going to make the trip this year from the West Coast?

I was going trailer out of the snow area and ride from better weather. Not knowing my USA geography or the weather that well i need some help. Can someone recommend a starting point for the ride. I will be leaving from the NW (Seattle) in the first week of March.




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being an ex over the road truck driver, I 'd run the coast south down to US 10 and run 10 across the south and then your choice of going down US 95 in heavy tourist traffic or south on US 75 then take some side rds across the state . BUT BEWARE the old folks don't drive well in FL. look twice and save your life.

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Some good things you can do is check different routes with google maps. I've lived all over the US and there are some places that your probably going to need to trailer through during your trip. I did take a trip from NC to AZ a year ago in Dec and had pretty good weather the entire route. There were some bad spots that I hit along the way but you can always trailer it back up if thats the case. You can also get on line and get the weather forecast for each of the states you plan to ride through. Depending on what type of trip your looking to do as well. Do you want a scenic route or do you want to just ride that 3000 miles as fast as possible?


Either way have a safe trip...

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