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'National VMC Iron Butt Ride to Spirit Lake

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Something else some of us in these parts may want to consider. June 17 is fathers day ( sacred ) which is also Awesome Biker Nights weekend in Sioux City, which is also usually the NC meet. This could be a conflict for some, or a Friday night in Spirit Lake, a relaxing ride to Sioux City and a Sat night party there might be a perfect combo for others.

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well I'm leaning towards the 7th as well but I'm open to the more popular date in a vote.


I'm also a father and my son's birthday is the 20th which is why I won't do that week/weekend.


No way to please everyone but a majority rule is what's fair in this situation.

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no the AVR is it's own event. Also I don't like the idea of an IBA the same weekend since it can be taxing. This could deter the enjoyment of the weekend. This would also keep people some people from participating since they're vendors annually at the AVR(such as Scott from Conquest) and have to trailer their wares.


There will also be less traffic to deal with(assumption, one can never predict traffic), hotels easier to get, etc.


June is also probably the 'best month' for IBA's since it has the longest days, as well as usually moderate temperatures. Sooner it can be awfully cold at night still, later can mean extreme heat, depending where you're originating from.


So for many reasons I picked June. I also wanted a different event separate from other events.

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