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2018 V2V

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I know,I know, it's 6 months away, but that just gives you more time to put together your "sick" day story for work! so that you can ride a leg of the V2V as it slides thru your neighborhood in 2018.
If the ride is coming thru your area, oh, lets say on a Thursday or Monday, that would give you a couple of days to ride with the kewelest Victory riders from your area as well as probably some from out of your area, so put some thought into it now, and then be sure to get signed up for the legs you are going to ride once the legs are posted.
I am constantly surprised how riding in the V2V can cure: food poising, car breakdowns, migraine headaches, and occupational rectal glaucoma, (just don't see my ass going to work today!), so start thinking of what "excuse" you are going to use, you have lot's of time to think up the disease du jour, and start laying the ground work to get that day or 2 off work so you can be part of the greatest motorcycling event in history! don't use the lame "I got some bad sea food for dinner last night" or as we say around here, "we ate at her sisters", bosses catch onto that one pretty quick, they start asking tricky questions, like, didn't you eat there the night before the opening day for deer/elk/dove/black powder/archery/baseball season? be smart, be creative, and if all else fails, I can send you some of my sister in laws Shrimp and Krab lasagne! but for Pete's sake don't eat it!

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Thanks for the plug, details are starting to shape up still trying to firm up Leg Captains, close but not done yet.


I've got design for pins and t-shirts and price quotes.


More info to come soon once the budget is approved and Leg Captains are in place.


It's a great event and it is part of the Club History and there is plenty to see along the way.


- Gene



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Yes see below. Keep in mind these are the Leg identities even though the end point may not be in exactly that city. So in Indianapolis it's actually usually a hotel in Plainfield. It's just better to anchor the leg in the areas indicated. Also we are not quite ready for registrations still completing planning, budget has not yet been approved. I please DO NOT START ANY THREADS, we will setup a thread for each leg once we are ready for registrations. I will be glad to answer any questions. - Gene


Leg Date Start Point End Point

1 6/22/2018 San Francisco Reno, NV

2 6/23/2018 Reno Ely, NV

3 6/24/2018 Ely, NV Salt Lake, UT

4 6/25/2018 Salt Lake, Ut Craig, CO

5 6/26/2018 Craig, CO Denver, CO

6 6/27/2018 Denver, CO Wilson, KS

7 6/28/2018 Wilson, KS Kansas City, MO

8 6/29/2018 Kansas, City St. Louis, MO

9 6/30/2018 St. Louis, MO Indianapolis, IN

10 7/1/2018 Indianapolis, IN Columbus, OH

11 7/2/2018 Columbus, OH Uniontown, PA

12 7/3/2018 Uniontown, PA Frederick, MD

13 7/4/2018 Frederick, MD Atlantic City, NJ





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Donna I responded to your email. The ride by tradition must end on July 4th. It was decided the ride would not go north to MA but instead go straight to the coast on the National Road, so that eliminated a leg. I did not participate in the V2V for awhile but apparently there was an issue with the ride going to/from the north and I'm told that is when Arnold/Long River Riders stepped into take it over. When I got involved I took over the route from Ohio up to Stroudsburg. This year I agreed to take it to the coast instead of Stroudsburg. - Gene



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