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FITO Dates


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How "for sure" do you need? :blnk


"it'll be Sept 16th-18th"


Can't really be stated any "surer" than that.


so every year, for many years, it's asked when the date will be. It shall forever remain the weekend following the week of Labor day, not to be confused with the Saturday and Sunday immediately following the Monday holiday, but the weekend AFTER that. This erases all doubts and helps with planning.

Look at the September calendar for this year, find Labor day (hint, it's Sept 5th), run your finger to end of that week,,,and that's NOT it.

Pick the following weekend and that will be FITO (hint, it's Sept 16-18, see above) ***special note, some folks like to arrive on Thursday, so please adjust your schedule accordingly***


The only variable with both VITO and FITO could be the host hotel which is currently the Travelers Inn.


Let's do another year, just to be sure(er)

2017, Google says Labor day is Monday, Sept 4th. Looking at a 2017 calendar provided by Google, I run my finger to the end of that week...and that's NOT it.

The weekend FOLLOWING that, would be Sept 15-17, viola, that will be FITO 2017 so we can put that in our smart phones and know right now when FITO 2017 will be. Using this high tech formula and help from Google calendar, I can see FITO dates well past my own life expectancy, and that's for sure!


Hope to see you there!! :tu


P.S., I have a similar formula for calculating VITO dates too, using the word "before" instead of "after". :chpr



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