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AVR vs VMC National Meet

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Size, about the same. Vendors this year many more at AVR. The big difference is at the VMC National there is much more comradery do to the fact it is all driven by people who have gotten to know each other through are virtual clubhouse (this forum) while the AVR is anyone who owns a Vic and has heard about the AVR. This was a good thing for the VMC this year as we had more than 50 new members sign up at the both we had set up. Both are a real good time, but if I had to choose one over the other it would be our National Meet (I've been to the last three and the last two AVR)

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Okay. These are 2 different events. The AVR is about hanging out with old friends and meeting new ones. You get a chance to see the place where your bike was built. The riding is ok.


I just spent 3 days in SW Missouri/ NW Arkansas. OMG! The roads are unbelievable. There were so many great roads, it is hard to decide where to ride first. 160, 7, 123, 86, 62, 76. Pick a Highway, there all great. I'm sure you will meet old friends and make new ones at the National meet. I'll see you there.


And I'll see you at the AVR.

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I have not been to the AVR but I think you should do them both and let us know which one you like best.

The National is always the Best because the people that come are just fun to be with.

We have some great personalities you just have to meet!

Big Joe.

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