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V2V "17" Leg#13 ~ 7.3.16 ~ Frederick MD to Stroudsburg PA

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Is it you? Have we met? I'm not sure I understand your expectations, this is a volunteer activity so I'm not up to any sort of test, satisfaction survey etc... I ran the leg last year when no one wanted to so I guess I'm a veteran leg captain. I had no complaints on the route last year, even though it was in the opposite direction. This leg is on Sunday so no I did not ask the dealer in PA, Trumbauers, to open up for us and then worry about our timing getting there. I also have ridden the V2V multiple times so I guess I'm a veteran participant. I even had a friend riding my old 99' and me on KP 3 or 4 years ago. - Gene



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Welcome to LEG 12 - Uniontown PA to Frederick MD 7/2/2016. I look forward to leading you on this leg. Sam I plan to ride up and be at the hotel in plenty of time for the official handoff of the Baton. I think it would be great if we did this right at the front of the Hotel with all the riders/bikes. The layout of the hotel is such that after check-in you will park near your rooms so if we can do the hand off and pictures at the front I think that would be best. I will plan to be there between 3-4PM which will probably be before you arrive, I'll just hangout until you all get there. Rob I assume that will work for George and you, let me know what your plans are or if you want to rideup with me.


I think you will find the Hotel very adequate for our needs, bar and food on site. I think they have done a good job with the property since acquiring it from Holiday Inn.


The route I have planned is ~230 Miles and includes a loop to Flight 93 Memorial. I have completed a dry run of the route and roads are in good shape the route is very pleasant and includes both elevations and some nice curves along the way. There are a number of attractions along the way, some we will not stop at but wanted you to be aware of them, especially for those of you that may not be in the area again.


If everyone would please get gas when you arrive or before the next morning, there is a Sheetz just past the Hotel on Rt. 40. I would like to do a short rider meeting at 8AM on Saturday in front of the hotel with KSU immediately after the riders meeting.


I have sent via email details and pictures for those registered to ride this leg. If you have not registered do so and then send me an email and I will send you the details. - Gene




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Sorry for the post above for Leg 12 - duh, cannot delete it so my mistake is there for all to see.


Anyway, Welcome to LEG 13 - Frederick MD to Stroudsburg PA, 7/3/2016. I look forward to leading you on this leg. There will be no Baton pass at the end of Leg 12 since I am the Leg Captain for that leg.


I think you will find the Hotel in Frederick very adequate for our needs there are also good food choices in the area. The Red Horse Steakhouse is next door http://redhorseusa.com, it is well known and the prices reflect that. Personally it is a little too upscale for my tastes on a motorcycle trip so I plan to walk across Rt. 40 and go to Famous Dave's BBQ or the Outback.


Please ensure you have a full tank of gas upon arrival. We will assemble in front of the hotel for a riders meeting at 8AM and KSU immediately following.


The route I have planned is ~260 Miles, leaving Ellicott city the route is a bit complicated but the reward is some nice roads that gets us around Baltimore and Timonium. I have sent detail route information to those that are registered. PLAESE PRINT THIS OUT AND BRING IT WITH YOU.

When we leave the hotel we will head east on Rt. 40 but we will stay straight onto RT. 144, The Old National Pike/National Road, instead of following the ramp to US40. The route to Ellicott City will alternate between US 40 and Rt. 144 but for the most part we will be on Rt. 144. The route includes a Stop at the Jug Bridge memorial http://www.gribblenation.com/swparoads/essays/nationalrd/jugbridge.html shortly after leaving the Hotel and another stop in Historic Ellicott City, there is a National Road Memorial sign at the park where we will park and get a Pic. After a short visit ½ hour we will head north on back roads to our next destination, Victory Brewery/Brew Pub for lunchhttp://www.victorybeer.com/brewpub/ in Downingtown. After lunch we will continue our route eventually following Rt. 611 along the Delaware Water Gap. If there is interest, one of the largest online Cigar stores https://www.famous-smoke.com/ is located just north of Easton within 3 miles of our planned route it is located at 90 Mort Dr, Easton, PA 18040 it is a nice shop huge humidor and nice outside lounge area, it is about 24 miles to the hotel from this shop.


Arnold I hope to be at Hotel in Stroudsburg by 5PM, we can do the Baton Pass inside Lobby/Bar area like we did last year.


On Monday AM I will depart very early to head back to Frederick on a direct route to make the Barbara Fritchie Classic http://www.barbarafritchieclassic.com/


- Gene




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We did a little better on headcount on this leg, we were expecting as many as 14, we had 11, but Mark had to go home as his wife was not feeling well. So we had 10 of us in the parking lot of the Comfort Inn ready for departure at 8AM. boosted by our members from NJ as well as local riders Anthony, George, and Brian. On this leg we had Anthony, Brian, Chris, George, Karen, Pryde, Sam, Tony, Vohn and myself. Good group and very happy to lead us. - Gene



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After leaving the parking lot we headed out on the Old National Road to our first stop in Ellicott City. This section of the road alternates between US40, and Rt. 144 Old National Pike, mostly Rt. 144. It is a very nice road to follow and I think it is wonderful that along this section of the road you will find a lot of the MD Mile Markers. Once we had parked at the park on the west end of Ellicott City, 9 of us walked up the National Road Plaque to get a picture. It is a nice town to visit but it is quite a walk down the hill to the Train Depot. actually the walk back up is the challenge.


After our short visit we headed out on a rather complicated route which allowed us to skirt Baltimore, Timonium on some very nice named roads with sparse traffic, some nice meandering curves, good scenery, and nice beautiful estates. This eventually led us to more open roads and through the heart of Amish country, eventually leading us to our lunch stop at the Victory Brewery. Despite my best efforts to keep the group together we did separate once we were within block of the brewery, one of us got confused and did not see they had lost the rider behind them when we made the last turn onto Chestnut St, Nothing personal Vohn and Sam, really sorry about that. All in all I think we did quite well with that many bikes/riders and that many turns. Thanks to everyone for their patience, I think the route was worth the effort. - Gene



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After lunch at the Victory Brewery we said our goodbyes to Brian, Chris, Karen and Tony, putting us back to 4 riders. George Sam, Vohn, and myself. We headed out and shortly after take off Sam discovered that Vohn had a flat rear tire. Fortunately we had kits and we neded up using mine, http://www.stopngo.com/tubeless-puncture-pilot-for-motorcycles-scooters-atvs/ I would say this kit is easily worth the money spent. The only tow things I would complain about is, you need to but the hose extender and the pig tail connector for the lead on your battery for a battery tender is great but the air compressor pulls more power than the fuse built into the connector. I carry an extra fuse and swap it out when I use the air compressor on any of my bikes. Anyway Sam did a great job making use of the kit and after 20 minutes or so we were back on the road. We eventually got to the Delaware river and the scenic byway, rolling along enjoying the scenery and then one last stop. We stopped at Famous Cigars. one of the largest online retailers for Cigars. It is a very nice store, also lounge, outside lounge, and the largest humidor I have ever seen. Good stop in my opinion. After we looked around and I made a purchase we rode the last 24 miles to the hotel, stopping for gas just around the corner form the hotel. And we did the Baton hand off to the Leg Captain for leg 14,. Arnold.


Good ride, Thanks to everyone for keeping me company. - Gene



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