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V2V "17" Leg#9 ~ 6.29.16 ~ St. Louis MO - Plainfield IN

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Okay…. I’m pretty sure that I will be riding the V2V Leg #9 from St. Louis, MO to Plainfield, IN this year on June 29th. That’s the Wednesday after the 2016 Li’l Sturgis WSVR weekend (June 24 to 26) in Sturgis, MI which I will be attending too.

I don’t know if I want to leave from Sturgis and meander down to St. Louis over the next few days or go home (Muskegon area of MI) and then blister down there just to save 1 day of vacation.

I’m trying to get some preliminary logistics down on how I’m going to do this. I can go it alone or better yet I would like to meet up with some others along, during, and possibly after the V2V ride. I’m wondering if there are some of you out there that –

- Plan to ride that leg

- Plan to ride that leg and attend Li’l Sturgis

- Want to meet up along the way

- Could “put up” one or several Vic riders along the way

I’d like to hear some others thoughts on this.

Like I said, I can do it alone, stay with some friends or relatives in southern IN but I’d also enjoy the opportunity to meet some other VMC members, Vic riders, or even some riders in general. What’s say? Input welcome.




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Taking us 40 is a relaxing ride with easier stops. I forget the town but I think you go by the worlds largest wind chime ( couple blocks off main road).

Couple years ago we stop at nice bar and grill in Effingham.

Us 42 from Brazil is a great road with some fair curves. It runs about 10 miles south of 40 but also runs along 70. 40 runs north of 70 through that area.




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