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V2V "17" Leg#5 ~ 6.25.16 ~ Craig CO - Denver/Castle Rock CO

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This is one of those nuances.........help me understand. The reason I ask is as follows.....it would appear the captains are booking hotels on departure points

Date Leg Hotel Name Street Address City State Zip Code Telephone Number

6/22-23/2016 3 Holiday Inn Express 1268 South Main Street Heber City UT 84032 (435) 654-9990

7/1-2/2016 12 Park Inn by Raddison 700 West Main Street  Uniontown PA 15401  (724) 437-2816 

7/2-3/2016 13 Comfort Inn 998 West Patrick Street Frederick MD 21703  (301) 662-0281 

7/3-4/2016 14 Budget Inn & Suites  320 Greentree Drive  East Stroudsburg PA 18301 (800) 233-8144 






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I might have steered you incorrectly on the hotel city. I am seeking clarification. You may have to switch to the destination city. Dont make a change until I get clarification. Thanks for all your work and it is very much appreciated........believe me it is! Also, can you PM with your fuull name and email address?





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I've always thought that leg caps were responsible for determining the destination hotel


but ...


in this case we have been using the Bear Valley in in Craig for several years, and unless they've changed ownership I would recommend using them again, so its good to get them locked in now. The BVI folks always throw us a great BBQ and offer us low room rates, plus they're good peeps.


and ...


we do not have a Leg 6 cap yet; once we find someone to lead Leg 6 Cap then Nate and the Leg 6 Cap can coordinate where to meet and stay and pass the baton in the Denver area


so ...


all good for now, I think, thanks Nate for stepping up and volunteering



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and now I see that Paul has offered to lead leg 6.


The best thing now would be for Nate and Paul to hook up and discuss the routes, decide where to stay in the Denver area (hotel, dinner, baton pass, Leg 6 meetup).


my advice would be to use the same hotel and restaurant we used last year if you guys decide to meet in Castle Rock, but its up to you



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That's not a bong you dummy,it just sorta looks like one from a distance especially to your bloodshot eyes. Why don't you come ride along and I'll let you touch it if your good. If you don't come at least send Flash, she probably would enjoy the time away in the land of OZ! :bart



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I'm a bit confused (which is not unusual for me)........Leg 5 starts from Craig CO and ends in Castle Rock, right? If yes, need the hotel for Castle Rock, destination point of Leg 5 on 6/24. Wouldn't Bear Valley Inn in Craig CO be the destination point for Leg 4, 6/23, thus determined as the destination hotel by the Leg 4 captain?






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I cut this out of Facebook:

LEG Route Date 
1 San Francisco/Santa Clara CA to Carson City/Reno NV 
6/21/2016 230 miles
2 Carson City/Reno NV to Ely NV 6/22/2016 320 miles
3 Ely NV to Heber City UT 6/23/2016 275 miles
4 Heber City UT to Craig CO 6/24/2016 260 miles
5 Craig CO to Denver/Castle Rock CO 6/25/2016 230 miles
6 Denver/Castle Rock CO to Russell KS 6/26/2016 350 miles
7 Russell KS to Kansas City KS 6/27/2016 290 miles
8 Kansas City KS to St.Louis MO 6/28/2016 293 miles
9 St.Louis MO to Plainfield IN 6/29/2016 280 miles
10 Plainfield IN to Zanesville OH 6/29/2016 260 miles--- this needs to be changed to 6/30
11 Zanesville OH to Uniontown PA 7/1/2016 148 miles
12 Uniontown PA to Frederick MD 7/2/2016 303 miles
13 Frederick MD to Stroudsburg PA 7/3/2016 193 miles
14 Stroudsburg PA to Chicopee MA 7/4/2016 215 miles

 I understand your confusion but when you look at the schedule the dates depict the destination not the departure. on the 25th, Nate,you and others will ride from Craig to Castle Rock so the room at Craig will be checked in on the 24th and Castle Rock on the 25th. Nate and I have been in contact deciding where the Castle Rock hotel will be. I will ride to Castle Rock from KS on the 25th, get a room,get the baton for leg 6, then ride east on the 26th

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Alright guys so Gforce powersports in Denver has graciously said they would throw us a dinner on saturday night. They will have just opened there Victory/ Indian Showroom. So I will be finding a hotel within about 10 miles of the dealership. Pm me if you will need a hotel room as i am going to try to find one that will give us a special rate. Let me know and i will see you guys out there.



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Alright The hotel for the night of June 25th will be The Comfort Inn in Castle Rock, CO It is $110 per night The Phone Number is 303-814-9999 If you want to share a room with someone post it on this forum and somebody might want to split the bill on the hotel. We will meet at Gforce Powersports in Denver for Dinner around 4pm after Dinner we will ride to Castle Rock.



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Alright guys I know the "hotel" situation has been back an forth but i swear this is the last time we change it and the Comfort inn changed the price on us and the will not give us the VMC discount. New hotel information Hampton Inn and Suites Denver Tech Center currently is $99 a night but as rooms get booked up it will get more expensive. also they have more options for those of you that want to bunk up. The phone number is 303-804-9900 and the address is 501 S ulster st, Denver, CO 80237



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