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More information and updates to follow, but here is what we have so far:


What: Meet in the mountains and ride and party.


When: April 28, 29, 30 (Thur, Fri, Sat, leave Sunday) 2011


Where: Luxbury Inn and Suites, 805 Foothills Mall Dr. Maryville, TN 37801


Why: It kicks ass.


How: Hopefully on a bike.


This is not a VMC specific event, as we do not want the rules and regulations that go with it. That being said, this will be mostly VMC people on Vics, but all makes and non members are welcome. This is only being advertised here at the VMC though.


There will be no official guided or scheduled rides. However, there will be groups I am certain. Please keep in mind your ability when choosing which group you decide to ride with.


****************The Luxbury is blocking out most of their rooms for us, but not for very long. If you are interested in going, book now or you may miss out!********************


I have negotiated a pretty good deal for us, the listed prices below INCLUDE taxes and fees. That is to say, the $ listed is what you pay per night. All the suites have a kitchen. The names are a little different for each suite, but the general idea is shown below with pricing:


1 bed studio (1 bed) = $79


1 bedroom suite (1 bed in bedroom/1 sleeper in living area) = $89


1 bedroom suite dlx (1 bed in bedroom/1 bed in living area/1 sleeper in living area) = $99


Double Queen suite (2 beds in a bedroom/1 sleeper in living area) = $109







(800) 780-9839




We no longer have rooms blocked for our group. You may still be able to get a room and the prices above "may" still be valid for our group (although if they are close to sold out they will not be offering the prices above). The remaining rooms will go fast, this is a sell out weekend for most hotels in the area.





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It was brought to my attention I should put a disclaimer in here about behavior at this meet, as in traditional behavior.

If you are a woman, or choose to bring a woman, please understand that this may not be the group you would feel comfortable in. There is coarse language, bad behavior, and just really not the kind of gathering that a woman may want to be around. That being said, if you are a hard core momma, feel free to join us. But you have been warned.

This trip/ride/gathering has been traditionally just for the guys (and not in a gay way!!!!).


The double rooms are now sold out, there are only 4 double queens left, and only 2 studios left... 




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I have had a couple pm's regarding women attending this event.  Please let me try to clear this up.  It is not that we do not want women at this event!!!  It is just important to know that historically the language filter and action filter at this annual event has not been the kind where you want to bring a thin skinned woman OR MAN!


Feel free to join us, man woman, whatever.  But please just remember that it will be a rated R atmosphere and it is not for everyone.


I hope that clears up any kind of confusion there may have been.


Reminds me of a comedian that I just saw on a cruise ship.  The person before him to introduce him said something like:


"Hi folks, how are you tonight?  Good...Just wanted to let you know this comedy act will be offensive, vulgar, have profanity, and is not geared toward children or easily offended people.  So that being said, if you feel you might be offended GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!"




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Thursday afternoon ride to the Dragon:

Will be forming a group of whoever wants to go to "The Dragon" Thursday afternoon.  Ride will leave most likely around 5:00 pm.  We should be to The Dragon by 5:30, ride it both ways and be back to the hotel by 7:00.  The rest of the weekend will be whatever the groups come up with.  I know there will be a fast group, slow group, sight seeing group etc.  Pick your group wisely. 8)

The Dragon will be low on traffic later in the afternoon, especially on a Thursday.  It will not rain. :o








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