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'Solo' luggage rack


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So how's my new friend from Tannersville doing this fine evening? Good to hear from you Christine, and thanks for visiting my forum.

You're not the first to ask for it. It may be something I should consider having just intro'd our new XC/XR trunk and backrest racks, that would finish off the last possible fitment. I know your season's drawing down so if you give me a little time I'll likely have them for you well before Spring rolls around. I prefer working with billet aluminum versus steel. Doing it in steel is easy by matching the backrest side panels, but in less than 2 weeks I'll be on the Vics for Vets Key West Run and have lots of bikes to look over - no dealers within 125 miles of me since before the X bikes came out - and I'm going to look at it from an aluminum part perspective and figure it out. Hang tight, we'll talk more on it. Once again, welcome to the club.

And anyone viewing this thread, if you too have an interest in a billet backrestless rack, please do say so and maybe the more who want one, the faster it'll push me after getting back from Key West. :y:

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Will, thanks for your reply.


I have a trunk-style bag from my Vulcan that I'd like to be able to mount on my new Cross Roads from time to time. However, I always run solo, so a passenger backrest is of no use to me. (In fact, I wish somebody made a solo seat for the Cross Roads. It'd look gooooood!)


Not in love with the looks of KewlMetal's offerings, as most of the time I would run without the bag. And for two grand, Polaris can keep its new quick-connect trunk.


So I'd be interested to hear what you might be plotting.



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