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Save the Date: 2018 VMC National Meet


VMC Chapter No. 72, the Northern Michigan Victory Riders and VMC Chapter No. 16, the Wolverine State Victory Riders are pleased to be this year’s host of the Victory Motorcycle Club’s 2018 National Meet, aka: “Northern Thunder.”


DATE: July 19 – 22, 2018


VENUE: Ramada Grayling Hotel & Conference Center, 2650 I-75 Business Loop, Grayling, MI 49738. Phone: (989) 348-7611 Rate: Lower level - $94.99, Upper Level - $84.99. You must phone the hotel direct to reserve accommodations and let them know you’re with the Victory Motorcycle Club.


OVERFLOW ACCOMADATIONS: Days Inn Grayling, 2556 I-75 Business Loop, Grayling, MI 49738. Phone: (989) 344-0204


Camping information to come.


All other details will be posted as they are finalized.


Our event website and registration will "go live" in January.




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Possibly one of the 2018 Great Lakes National MEET rides may include the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Short history....in a trade settlement Ohio got Toledo (a needed port on Lake Erie) and Michigan got the (copper and timber rich) Upper, which is connected by land to Wisconsin not Michigan The only way to get from Michigan's Lower to the Upper is by boat or the Mackinaw Bridge, a short little span connecting the two land bodies. I'm sure someone could find a picture of it, cute little thing it is.

The "Yoopers" relate more to WI than MI, and call all those who live below the bridge "trolls"!


Oh...a possible route for those who live (north) west of the Upper? Check out Route 2 East.

Starts in WA, runs thru ID, MT, ND, MN, WI then MI. Rt.2 has Lots of dotted lined roads.


Near Duluth, MN look left at Lake Superior - and yes It's ok to sing the sound....."Edmond Fitzgerald".

Not too far you will see Lake Michigan and the cute little bridge, turn right to go over the bridge.

Note: Should your front wheel get wet you missed the turn and ya ran into Lake Huron, turn around.

Cross the little bridge southbound - and in about 90 miles friends will be waiting for you in Grayling with a cold one.



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Having both lanes open depends on the weather or if workers are maintaining/painting the bridge, you never know until THAT day you are crossing. First time I ever tried going over to the UP the bridge was shut down to ALL traffic due to high winds. Next day only the center lanes were open due to moderate high winds. Had to ride the grating. Made me feel a little uneasy but as long as you stay in a straight line (bike does like to 'track' the grate) it's not a big deal. Both lanes ARE usually open.



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Two things about the grate lane....1) just like any other road, head up look forward, and it's fine, really.

2) after ya get used to it, say about at the highest elevation.....look straight down.....now is when ya get the reason for the toll - it's not a bridge, it's an amusement park ride! :)

The best photo op is on the north end of the bridge....a state park with bridge history/pix and a great look back at it.




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