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2011 National Meet Registration


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National Meet Registration Fee: $65 for Members and $65 for Spouses / $70 Non Members

Send a check to:


Victory Motorcycle Club

c/o Tom Wise

PO Box 6094

Frazier Park, CA 93222


With Event payment, let us know if you prefer Beef or Chicken for the Saturday Night Dinner


Payment covers Thursday night Meet & Greet snacks, Friday morning Continental Breakfast, Friday Evening BBQ, Saturday morning Continental Breakfast, Saturday Night Dinner.


Grand Canyon Ride Park entrance fee to be determined and will be collected when you register (No fee for those with the Golden Passport National Parks card)


Paypal is up and running. Use the PayPal link to pay for the registration on the 2011 Hotel Registration thread. The Hotel rooms rates are SEPARATE from the event registration.

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Hello Tom,

We sent a check back on October 2, 2010 for registration for the national meet in Arizona in August 2011. Our check is still outstanding. We want to make sure you got this check #4204. Please check and let us know if you have it.

Thank you,

Jim Place

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I just registered for the meet using PayPal, but did not see a place to put in the beef or chicken thing you asked for.

How would you like to have this information relayed to you so that it corresponds to the registration process

Also when I went to the VMC store to purchase the the tickets there was no registration form, will all these things be sent in the mail or is there a PDF that i missed and need to fill out to send back to you.



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The "Note to Seller" box didn't show up when I payed via PayPal the other day. I looked for it. I'll have the beef.


I had "Mystery Mush Surprise" when I was in the Army. I have to say that I was not all that fond of it.


Antbody know why all those extra characters show up when I edit a post?

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I'm pretty sure about the "Mystery Mush". I had to think about a minute; wether it was as bad as I remember it being, and have to opine that it was. It ranked below "Shit on Shingle" (The dried chipped beef kind, not the ground beef(?) kind...), "Horsecock" and "Donkey Dick", and even below C-Rat "Ham & (Giant) Lima beans", or as we called them, "Ham and Mother- F*****s, which you couldn't trade for nothin', and which, if you threw a can to the Vietnamese kids, they would throw back.

You're right however, the matter truly is of no great importance, and I will indeed be content with what I get. I'm under a self-imposed vow to never go hungry or eat standing up.

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We just registered and as mentioned above there is no means to express food preferences if following the VMC Store link. Along that same thought thread, from a crowd control standpoint will those who ponied up and paid be identified from those who have not at all these events? I see no mention of wristbands or other couture accessories to help with that issue.

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