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On the Sunday the Meet ends, I've got to fly to Houston for training for work. Does anyone around the Denver area have a garage or secure parking that would let me store my bike at their house from Sunday morning until Saturday morning (Aug 13)? I've got a flight out from DEN at 1pm on 8/7, and fly back in on 8/13 around mid-day. I'll take a taxi to and from the airport so no worries there.


Dave offered a garage 25mi south of Denver, but hoping there might be someone closer in. Thanks ya'll!





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I'm set on storing the bike after the rally, a huge thank you to Graham!


Two more questions: Anyone going to be in Fort Collins Wednesday the 3rd? The wifey and I arrive that evening. Wanted to see if anyone wants to grab dinner or do a tour.


Also, I'm bringing some Nashvegas chapter small patches to trade if anyone is interested in doing patch trades. I think I have (3) extras left.



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dirtybubble - 2016-07-26 7:31 AM


There should be some folks there Wed. We may be depending on how my wife feels after the flight from PA.





My wife is flying in from Nashville arriving about 3:15pm. When does yours arrive, maybe I'll see you at the airport...I'll be the guy on the bike :ir

c2pin - 2016-07-26 7:43 AM



Hey Billy, I may very well be there! I am leaving in the morning from home and will be out and about till the meet.




Hopefully I'll see you Wed!  Have a good ride out, I'm leaving in a few days.

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My wife and I (along with our son and another rider) will be leaving Beatrice, NE mid afternoon Tues and riding for about 5 hours to stay at Paxton, NE or Ogallala.


Wednesday, we will ride out to Cheyenne and Laramie and ride over the Snowy Mountains west of Laramie to stay the night and spend some time in the free community hot springs at Saratoga, WY.


Thursday we will get up and make the relatively short ride down to Ft Collins coming in from the west. We've never been for a soak in a hot spring before so it should be an experience.



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I wish to extend a huge THANK YOU to The Palmer Divide Victory Rides for a GREAT job done at the 2016 VMC National Meet!! Very well executed, Plenty of food and fun for everyone. And lets not forget the incredible riding in the Rocky Mountains. From someone who has been through what you have to get the job done, and done well, I say Great Job and Thank You. :tu :pty



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