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PREMIUM custom seat recovering now available!

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Having hooked up with a very talented new upholsterer for our Drag-N-Rests and solo rack passenger cushions, we're now proud to offer his excellent seat recovering services. From viniyl to leather, and from mild to wild we've got your seat covered! And we'll als glady do your backrests to match as well.

Here an example or two of his fine work. Note the impeccable stitching work and snug, wrinkle free fit. This is a Vegas seat in textured red vinyl. Note: The OEM seat is a high stretch seamless cover. This cover is constructed of three panels for added detail and impeccable fitment with these heavier grade materials.




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Well, after loving my guy's work, I just couldn't resist doing my own in something different... 



The deep texture adds a lot to the custom look.


Awesome stitching work!



Mounted up...


I deeply resculpted and reshaped both the foam and the pan in a few areas, as well as filled in the void in the back of the seat where the pillion support goes under it for a much cleaner look and then gave it to my guy to do his magic on the new cover.



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Got all the stuff installed and pics will follow. Due to my stupidity and a complete lack of computer skill I will 'e'mail them direct to you Will so that you can post 'em up.


Ma and Pa Kettle went for their inaugural ride of 2010 yesterday and the 8 Ball never looked so good.

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I've been hoping to get to reshape a Mustang seat and just got the chance. The biggest complaint I see and hear regarding the Mustang seat is it's bulkiness and lack of clean lines.

This is what I started with... 75937.jpg

And this is in the middle of the CycleOps USA Crash Diet, before the final smoothing out... 20101112180153copy.jpg


Notice the leaner meaner physique. It was like performing liposuction on a 500 lb person! Her tummy got sucked down about an inch of so and scalloped out to better contact more tush. The 'hips' were shaved close to 2" per side and recountoured for a smooth flow. No foam was added, only reworking the existing factory foam. Too much hype is out there about gel this and memory foam that. There is no substitute for a thought out and well performed foam reshaping.

And here's her new duds getting put together. There will be a second top stitch , aka double stitch, where the two fabrics meet but I didn't have time to wait around. Finished pics to post Monday. This is going to be gorgeous on it's matching two tone Kingpin.:tu



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Here's the Mustang solo seat sportin' the new skins she got after finishing her CycleOps USA liposuction procedure. Tough capturing the actual colors with the camera, but you get the idea.

We duplicated the pattern including the nose,



dished it out about an inch more and slimmed/reliefed the inner thigh areas for easier ground reach when stopped,


and also rolled the edges and used their OEM rivet method for mounting the new skin instead of staples.



And while I'm at it here, here's another job we just finished up. We recovered the Tour backrest and slimmed down and reshaped the rear and sides for a more svelte figure...

dscf1220.jpg dscf1222b.jpg  

































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I'm Stoked! -- 'just sort of sealed the deal with Will to do a custom re-cover of my seat!!!  :y:    Black bull-hide side panels to match the highway bar chaps/lowers and black alligator centers, hand lacing, chrome/nickel studs...............It's gonna seem like a long winter.    ;)



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OK, it's Hammer time!

This seat came to me already once redone, with a 1" topping foam added and a one piece, glued and stretched faux natural ostrich cover. The owner wasn't happy with the comfort and wanted to change up the look a little, so I deeply contoured the seat for a better fit and then rekinned it for him.

As received but after skin pulled top, the bottom two after reshaping....


Then we added Syntex baby ostrich center skin inlaid in the yellow leather grain vinyl sides and added black contrast stitching for a bit more ooomph. This seat is deeply resculpted and features a 'hung' skin.


After shaping it was time to figure out a design concept. This is the one chosen by the owner out of 3 presented.



And here's the end result...







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