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V2V 11- Leg 7


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Leg 7- June 27, 2010: Hays, KS to Overland Park, KS

Leg Captain: Spike Durkin aka:Spike160blue

LC Sponsor: Great Plains Victory Riders

Start: TBD

Lunch: TBD

Dinner: National "Meet in the Middle" BBQ sponsored by The VMC

* Celebrity Chef Tom Keller aka:tomnkc

Lodging: White Haven Motel

* 52.00/Single * 54.00/Double

* Mention V2V/Great Plains Victory Riders to receive group rate

Route plan:

Points of Interest:

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Hi everyone! Well it's getting pretty close to time to go! Just the basic info for you - we'll be leaving the Ramada Inn in Hays at about 7:30am heading east. We'll be stopping in Abilene for lunch and we'll have a couple other stops as well. I heard from one person that they just want to take I-70 from Hays to KC - I say that you are more than welcome to do that - I'll see you in KC :)


PS - that's something that is always an option. Anytime anyone gets tired of 2 lane back roads, they can always just tell me at a gas stop and peel off and hop on the super slab and head straight to KC.


Oh - the lunch stop is going to be Mr. K's - the same place I had one of the best lunches ever with just me, Trish and Tom and Patti. I know us 4 will be there this year - anyone else?


I would hope there would be a big showing from the GPVR, but I'm not holding my breath LOL. After all, they have a big party to throw that night.

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hammer - yes I am planning a stop in Salina for gas. We have always stopped at the truck stop just west of town for gas and I'm planning on that again this year - the one if you take crawford west out of town - just on the west side of 135. I think it's a green lantern? maybe a bp? Never paid attention :) I know they have gas and cold water.


I'll get the route and planned stops posted very soon - I'm planning on stopping for lunch in Abilene and for gas in Salina and Topeka.

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Ok everyone on leg 7, here are the details you have been waiting for.


This year's excursion onto the Victory Highway on Leg 7 will be between Dorrance, KS and Junction City, KS. We have a lot of ground to cover and a party waiting for us! So messing around will be kept to a minimum, there will be time for that later :)


We'll leave Hays at 7:30am taking I-70 East to the Dorrance exit where we will get on the Victory Highway (Old US 40). We'll take Old US 40 to Ellsworth for our first stop - it's about 70 miles to this first stop. From there, we'll continue on Old US 40 to Salina for fuel - about 40 miles. We will continue on the Victory Highway from there to Junction City for lunch. We are aiming for getting into Junction City at 11:00 for lunch. Lunch will be at the Sirloin Stockade at 426 Goldenbelt Boulevard. We'd like to be out of there on the road again by 12:30 at the latest but preferably by 12:00. From Junction City, we'll take I-70 to Topeka. In Topeka, we'll take the Fairlawn exit and stop for fuel at 6th and Fairlawn. This will be a very short stop because from there we'll head to 10th and Gage to the Victory Highway marker and our last break. I'm shooting for being at the statue between 1:30 and 2:00, depending on how long we take for lunch. From this last stop, we'll continue on I-70 to KC where we will take the 635 exit south which turns into Metcalf. We'll continue on South on Metcalf until about 80th where the White Haven is. If all goes well, we will pull in there between 3:30 and 4:00.


In Summary:

7:30 am - leave Hays

9:00 am - leave Elsworth

10:00 am - leave Salina

11:00 am - 12:00 am lunch in Junction City - Sirloin Stockade - 426 Goldenbelt Boulevard

2:00 pm - leave Topeka

3:30 - 4:00 arrive White Haven


Fuel stops are at the truck stop on the west side of Salina just west of I-35 on Crawford and the station on the Southeast corner of 6th and Fairlawn in Topeka. It's about 100 miles from Hays to Salina and 100 miles from Salina to Topeka - then around 70 miles from Topeka to the White Haven.


This is an estimation, not a schedule - if we get to a place early and are ready to leave early, we will do it - fair warning.

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Hey Nolan,


Yep - I'm sure we'll be eating at one of the local steak houses that's in walking distance of the hotel the night the group comes in from Denver. But that's up to the Leg 6 captain. But Trish and I will be heading from KC to Hays on Saturday and plan on being there in time to greet the group coming in from Denver that afternoon. Then we'll leave from Hays headed back to KC Sunday morning. Just be in Hays at the hotel Saturday and I'm sure we'll find each other. Some are staying at the Ramada Inn and some are staying at the Super 8 directly across the street. Now you know where to find us. I ride a blue 99 and Trish has a bright yellow Vegas - now you know how to find us :) See you in Hays!


Nothing special you need to know or anyone you need to contact - just be at the hotel in Hays Saturday afternoon or at the very least, be in the parking lot of the Ramada Inn at 7:30 Sunday morning and introduce yourself.


Anyone else that wants to join but can't make it to Hays, be sure to just be waiting at one of our stops and introduce yourself.

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Hey guys and gals, just tried to make a reservation at the White Haven and was informed that due to circumstances beyond their control , they will be closing tonite, permanently. I talked to Tom {tomnkc] he is working on a new place to stay and have the bbq. Will inform us later tonite or in the morning, he's hard at work on this. But, the lady at the White Haven wanted to let as many as possible know , I dont know that you need to call them, but be informed we will not be staying there. More to come. It'lll all work out.

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Thanks for the update hammer, Tom called me about this too. I offered up a mini re-creation of the original meet in the middle here, so we have an emergency plan C ready. But I'm very confident that Tom is close to getting plan B set up.


We will make sure all the folks already on the road have a place to stay when they get here.


Like Hammer said, stay tuned...

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Leg 6 pulled into Hays at 4:00. It is FREAKING HOT!!! We saw bank signs from 103 to 108 readings. Holy cow it's hot.


Hopefully it will cool off for leg 7 and the meet in the middle tomorrow.


I have the baton and we are ready for a 7:30 am start.

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Great pictures Kingpin Man! I'm really glad you all met us for lunch!


Here are some pictures we took too - first, the formalities.


Picture 1 is me receiving the baton from Leg 6 Good job Rick for successfully completing Leg 6.

Picture 2 is me handing off the baton to Leg 8 Good job me for successfully completing Leg 7. :)


Here is the brief summary of Leg 7


Left Hays this morning about 5 minutes past the scheduled start - arrived in Ellsworth for our first stop right on time. The Ellsworth Historic Society had the museum complex open for us and donuts, cookies, coffee and juice! Extremely nice of them. Shock! The Victory Highway sign we always get our picture by every year was gone! Turns out after they met us last year and we explained the whole V2V and Victory Highway to them, they decided the sign was too valuable to leave outside, so now it's stored safely inside :) :)


BIG NEWS OF THE DAY: We went inside to see that our sign was indeed safe and sound and what do you know? They had another Victory Highway Sign inside!! So now we have seen with our own eyes two different signs at this museum. They told us that they have another one in a museum building 5 miles East as well! But we have not laid eyes on that one yet. So big news - another sign find. (pictures in my next post)


Stayed there too long, but were having a great time.


Stopped in Salina for fuel


Stopped in Junction City for lunch - 21 bikes - at the Sirloin Stockade - very nice lunch, but we arrived and left an hour behind schedule. In addition to the V2V group, the Flint Hills Chapter met us there - that was really great.


Arrived in Topeka only 30 minutes behind schedule :) Visited the Victory Highway Eagle and picked up another Victory.


Arrived at the Pear Tree Inn in Overland Park, KS at 3:55pm.


SECOND BIG NEWS OF THE DAY: We were accompanied on this leg today by Frank and Wanda!!! It was really great to see them!! I gotta say, I'm no doc, but Frank looked really good to me.


Excellent weather for the day! It never got above the mid 80's all day and was overcast - very nice riding weather. Hard to believe we were riding in 107 degree heat yesterday.


Had an OUTSTANDING dinner provided by the GPVR - thank you Tom!!!


Passed the baton after dinner. :y: :y:

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Ok, here are some more pictures from Leg 7:


1: Once common and now rare - 4 1999 KYSO Blue bikes in a row (3 of the 4 are numbered)


2: Tom - this years longest distance V2V rider - from leg 4 all the way to the end - you guys take good care of him in Boston!


3: V2V first! Everyone be sure to give moneyman a hard time - he has the honor of the first speeding ticket on a V2V - he and Tom actually share this honor!


4: Frank! Chillin at the Ellsworth museum.


5: The new Victory Highway Sign!!!!


6: Leg 7 group at the Victory Highway Eagle in Topeka


7: Meet in the Middle at the end of Leg 7 - great food and great people!

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Here are some more pics.  These are the riders/passengers that departed Hays for Leg 7.

It was really nice the volunteers met us in Ellsworth with donuts, coffee, etc and had all the museum buildings open for us.

My apologies to the couple I did not meet on this leg.  Wanda says her name is Luann, but someone help us please.

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