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Will... R U Drinking early?


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lobsterhunter - 2010-01-22 6:00 PM:chpr :beer :blnk

And if I have been drinking early, would this somehow get confused with a problem? Besides a couple of ice cold Newcastle Browns, I promise, I'm not even close to being as think as you stoned I am. weed-4.gif

Then again the night is still young!:appl 

Hurray! Yippee! Yahoo! :dp :yho  :dp

Here'sa big ol' 'Thank God it's Friday' toast to you my brother.... CHEERS to you... and anyone else who cares to raise a glass with us here on such a fine Friday evening! :beer

Time to head over to Las Olas in Ft. Lauderdale and oogle all the club going hotties from our hangout bar. Sorry you won't be there with me to enjoy the show! :n: :har


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OK, made it through it all unscathed, shy of getting dragged into the grand finale conga line... phew! Whadda day! All I'll say is thank God for Red Bull... with Rasberry Absolute of course! The little munchkins are off to bed soon, ahhhhh for some quality Mommy and Daddy time now. :tu


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Jim, you mean like the bills, right?  :har

I just talk shit, my girls are simply a blast and the joy of my life. Nothing compares to watching them have fun, watching them grow, or seeing their little minds learn things sucking up everything like a sponge. The spontaneous hugs and 'I love you Daddy' blurbs for no reason (I know, that'll change to for a reason, but for now I'll suck it up as it is!) don't hurt either :tu !


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