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Witchdoctor's Ethics?

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The offer still stands Kevin; produce the patents, drawings or whatever you say you have and we will discuss it. If you are going to accuse then you need stand behind it with proof. Accusations just won’t cut it.


Kevin has questioned my ethics and made this an open discussion so I’ll state the true facts here. Whether you choose to believe it is up to you. Several of you have decided to pick sides. It doesn’t matter to me whose side you choose just be informed before you do. Thanks to all the people who have called or emailed me with their support.


Many of you believe Kevin invented the Victory cruise control. Not true. Harley has had this type of design for a long time and another VMC member adapted this idea to work for Victory’s not Kevin- He leaves this part out when name calling. Kevin started selling them with an agreement to the other VMC member to pay him a few dollars for each item sold. I asked him about doing this idea with him and he said “no”. He wanted me to buy him out. I have been buying and selling Kevin’s cruise controls for over a year now with very little problems. The problems I had was that the knobs broke. It is a poor design where the threads were welded into the knob and ground down. Kevin always replaced them for me with no problems- another fact he left out. He knows they broke, he sent me replacements. I also told Kevin that I was working on a new design knob and was trying several ideas. He never responded.


Do I have the broken pieces for you non believers? No. I’m not going to call the people who I replaced them for and ask that they take pictures to prove it to you.


For the past 6-8 months I have talked to Kevin about buying his stock, idea, royalties etc. We have not been able to come to an agreement- again he leaves this out. He wants about $1700 for the stock he has left. He also said he would no longer sell them and direct people to me. This means they would cost me about $45pc. for the remaining inventory. I stated to him my cost to make a chrome or anodized version, packaged and ready to ship is $18. I cannot pay $45 but I will offer it to my dealers for that price to try and help him get rid of his inventory. As a matter of fact, I just emailed him about a week or so ago and told him that I’m still trying. Dealers will not pay that price because they cannot make enough profit margin- he leaves that out as well. I have told him over and over that if he comes down just a few dollars I can sell them. His response has been that “I, Witchdoctors, make more money on selling these than he does and he’s not lowering the price”. I guess that’s my fault?


That leads us to where we are now. This problem only arose when I lowered the price to $55. Do a search and you will not see him complaining about much until now. It’s awful funny that my design has been on my website & VMC more than 6 months. I have sold a ton of them and it hasn’t been a problem until I lowered the price. People, this isn’t an issue with royalties, agreements, infringement or whatever else you want to call it for Kevin. It’s an issue with price! Do you really think he has a patent or any licensing arrangements? I repeatedly asked him for them and we could go from there. I will not print his response to me as he is the new president of the VMC and it really wouldn’t make him look very educated and definitely not professional. My new name is “Sparky” though! He takes a small excerpt from a PM I sent him about me telling him to call my lawyer since he insinuated he’s going to sue me. Again I did this behind the scene to not call him out. He chose to show a partial 1 side of mine to make him look like “Poor Kevin”.


I’m done dealing with someone who has no idea how to market and sell products and acts like a child. Kevin is a great mechanic and he lets us all know it. He’s even a great person who answers VMC’ers questions when he’s at work. I even stated that in my cruise control post but when it comes to business he’s not so good.


The bottom line is that I lowered the price and he’s mad. I did improve the design and from the feedback my customers give me is that they like it better. I do business with many people who sell products on the VMC and elsewhere. Talliman, Mastiff, Trik Wire, Chopajake, Conquest, RPW, Kewlmetal, Kingbagger to name a few. I have helped some of them lower their costs to save them money and have helped them increase their selling prices to make them money. I have created advertising for others to help them get their name out to more people which helped them sell a ton more of their products than they ever could on their own. All at no charge.


I promise this to all Victory enthusiasts:

If I can change a part or manufacturing process that lowers the price but not the quality- I will

If I can help others succeed at the same- I will

I will create new, innovative products that enable you to customize your bike.

I will sell products for a fair profit so everyone can afford them

I will provide personable, honest customer service


Ask any of my dealers or customers about my ethics or you can take the word of Kevin.


Jon/ Witchdoctors Billet Specialties.


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Never claimed to have INVENTED the cruise, or for that matter the screw which the design is based on. The item you are selling though is a direct copy of the item that you bought from me. Then after offering it to you at better then a 30% discount. You told me that it sounded good, but you did not have the funds available. Imagine my surprise when I see them for sale on your site for less then you could possibly sell for. This is not about his lowering the price though. It is about underhanded backstabbing, and lieing. If I was truely worried about price; would I have offered to sell out for $45 a unit, and just walk away?????

Now I hear some crap about a part being broken. Well that is highly questionable since the cap is drilled, and tapped with the threads screwed in; before they are welded.


I knew sooner, or later that someone would come along, and start STEALING ideas from the little guys here on the site, but I never imagined it would come from within. My product is not the only one that has been stolen either. Somehow WD's moral compass has no problem with taking out a small guy just trying to make an extra buck. It is clearly obvious that he has no issue with taking from companies Like Ness with the copy of the Land Shark designs. Which would then lead me to the next question. Is the VMC at all legally liable for promoting a company that decides to step on the trademarked designs of a company like Ness??? The simple arrogance of the PM's you sent to me shows the caviler attitude you have towards others, and while you have no problem inviting people to wait in line to sue you. The club needs to consider what could happen as collateral damage to your ethics.


T%his is nothing abo

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