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2018 National Meet


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Why east coast? Those of us out west have to drive (or fly) across the country for the event. How about something more centrally located so ALL members can consider attending? I guess no one to blame for the national always being held out east when none of the west organizations step up with a proposal to host. How about west one year, central the next and east after that. Continue the rotation from the 4th year. An organization I belonged to when I was a working stiff held an annual conference every year during the winter months. It moved the conference across the southern part of the country year after year (no one cares to be in Minnesota in February but FL, TX or CA is tolerable). Some years you may be able to drive to the conference but have to fly other years. The BOD can talk to the organizations in the different areas of the country to convince one of them to host the national. If moved like this annually, a particular section of the country will see an annual in their area every 4th year. Just my $.02.



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Congratulations to the Great Lakes group!


The Events Committee and the hosting region will be post all the information in the coming weeks!

dates for the event will be July 19-22.

hope to see you all there!


Chuck Miller

Events Committee Chairman




Chairman, VMC Events Committee

VMC# 03844

Founder MBVR

Past NE VMC Rep.




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Hello everyone.


I want to thank the Events committee and the BOD for selecting the Great Lakes Proposal. Our team put on a great regional meet last year and we are looking forward to having the rest of the nation joining us in July 2018 in the great state of Michigan. Stay tuned as we roll out the details including hotels and registration coming soon.



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