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Victory Highway Relay 2010


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This year’s theme for the 11th annual Victory Highway Relay is:


*****The History of the Victory Highway*****


In the summer of 1921 a group of individuals formed the Victory Highway Association Inc under the laws of Kansas. The purpose of the association was to develop a road that would span from sea to shining sea, providing a permanent tribute to America’s fallen soldiers from World War I. The original proposal was to roughly follow the 40th parallel beginning in New York and ending in San Francisco. Thus US 40 – The Victory Highway – was now becoming a reality, which was to span across 12 states, California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey and New York.


Mileage markers at every crossroad were erected with the mileage to the next town/city and to SF and NY. The association wanted standardized (in design) state monuments to be erected with the names of those soldiers lost in each county, thus, the Eagle Statue, showing a bald eagle on a nest, feeding its young was created by Dr. Thomas Roberts, the curator of the zoological museum at the University of Minnesota.


From the WEST: The highway project: moved forward, following the original pioneer trail in the West from SF north to Reno, NV to Elko, NV and on to Silver Creek Junction, Utah, just northeast of Park City. By August of 1921, the signs had been erected all the way to Craig, CO. At this point the highway was not paved through Berthoud Pass, CO (that did not happen until the 1930's), but the association was hoping that most of this first transcontinental highway would be at least paved or well graveled by the end of 1923. Work continued from the West coast and the East coast meeting in Kansas sometime in 1923. One of the Eagle monuments was dedicated on Armistice Day, November 11, 1923 on the Shawnee-Douglas county line just west of Big Springs, but has since been moved to Gage Park in Topeka, Kansas in 1941. There is another statue at the University of Kansas, near Dyyche Museum and there seems to be 1 more statue in Kansas, but the history is very vague and I bet our very own historians, Spike & Trish Durkin, founders of the VMC’S VICTORY HIGHWAY RELAY, can help us fill in the blanks.


From the EAST: The highway project moved forward slowly, but the history is not clear to me. It looks like the Victory Highway was built in portion, over the National Highway, which was established in 1806 (One of the Pioneer Trails) and US 40 was built over both of them!! Do we have any other historians back East? Please feel free to post any historical information any of you may have. SEE YOU ON THE V2V AND LET’S KEEP HONORING OUR VETREN’S WITH THIS HISTORICAL RIDE!




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What the?????  Let's get something going here! Not a dang thing as far as planning as usual. Sorry, but the lack of planning for this is very irritating. All other VMC events are planned well in advance, many a year ahead. Let's get going, many need to make vacation plans ect.

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I'd like to make a suggestion. We get new members here all the time. They may know nothing of the V2V. SO saying the dates are the same doesn't help them. Personally I don't remember the start date. I remember the end because its on July 4th.

Maybe Pin Patti's post of the history along with the dates? That way you click the V2V forum and there is a pinned thread that will tell you the history and the date it is held.

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I here what you are saying. I know, you know a bunch of VMCer's know. That doesn't mean squat for someone that forgets or a newbie.


The point I am trying to get across is for newbies or people like me that don't ride it all the time and forget. A newbie doesn't know the dates if they just joined today or a few days before the V2V. Instead of having to do a bunch of searching just pin a thread with the history and dates (that never change). This is an event that requires planning and taking vacations etc for many.


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